Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, March 4, 2013

San Diego Bay

Sunday 3/3/13

First we had to get ready, and Sheri wanted to call and wish her mom (in Buffalo, NY) a Happy Birthday.

Sheri gives mom a call on her birthday

And here are Joey and Billy. I can never tell which one I take for a walk first -- are you Billy? Oh, maybe you are Joey. They are not even the same breed. One is much older and blind (Billy) and the other is much younger and has longer legs. Fine if they are standing next to each other, but you hafta be pretty familiar with them to tell them apart without critical inspection.

Joey and Billy in their favorite spot on the patil

Dogs walked and selves cleaned, we drove up to the public transit parking lot and rode the trolley into town. A perfect way to get to wherever we wanted to go downtown. We got to Seaport Village and found the loading place for the SEAL.

In Seattle we have the DUCK, here they have the SEAL


Capt. Adams and 1st matey Brenda would be our guides

Brenda was in her perfect role as guide around the Bay. She obviously loves nature, loves San Diego and appreciates the animals and the sea. And she is very entertaining and truly likes people.

1st matey went to everyone and took their photo with their own camera. Refreshing way to get you photo rather than getting back to the dock and having to buy one!
Sheri and I had a great day

We did learn that despite the name SEAL, these are not seals, they are Sea Lions.



Tried to get a photo of the egret and a Great Blue Heron near it, but failed.
We passed by the naval training area where dolphins are trained to help the navy in many tasks. Once they are trained well enough to find something, plant something, and do it with a person, the dolphins become part of the Navy Seal Team. Very impressive. Dolphins have always been my very very favorite animal so it was especially nice to see and hear more about them. We did not get close enough for photos, but we saw a few of them leaping in their pens as they were being tended to or trained.
Tried to get a photo of the egret and a Great Blue Heron near it, but failed.
Downtown San Diego


LAND HO!! Go that way.


Pelicans greeted us as we approached the landing and "got on the road again"

After our seagoing adventure, and before heading home on the trolley, we walked back to town and stopped for lunch. One more stop was a visit to a bike shop to check into bike rentals. I am not sure if I will rent one while I am here but was interested to find a place where I could rent one if I decide I want to do any riding. Chances are somewhat slim that I will, but ... you never know.


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