Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Friday April 26 2013

Kooskookie is a tiny unincorporated spot on the map, and is on the Washington-Oregon border, where pavement ends. That was our destination for today's ride with different landscape from our other riding. We had open fields that transformed into a forested canyon beneath the Blue Mountains, and then took us through orchards, vineyards and wheat fields. The fields are being prepared for what will be abundant fruit.

Vineyard ready and in waiting
Whoops, a kerfuffle in the day


Coasting down the hill


Working the fields

Along the way to our turn around point Gerry and I spotted what we thought was something to worry about. Mama horse, with placenta not yet totally out of her, was standing over her baby who looked "dead". We watched for a long time and fretted. Finally we rode on thinking we would see if the situation was the same when we returned.

"Get up"


At our turn around point we ate our snacks in the shade of the tree, stepped foot into Oregon, rested a bit from the moderate climb, then began the return ride. We were ready to go knocking on doors if that baby was in the same spot and not moving.


Seven hours old and walking


Mama, they are taking pictures of me

We were so happy -- and relieved. As we stood ogling, oohing and ahhing and taking photos, we saw someone coming out of the house behind the pasture. The young woman approached us talking about her "baby" and how she and her ten year old daughter had been tending to and watching over mama, waiting for the birth all night -- up to 6:15 this morning. Then at 7:00, when they were in the house away from the horse, her neighbor called to tell her she had a baby in the pasture. She stood by the fence next to us and talked for a long time and we admired mama and baby some more before getting back in the saddle.

Quite a highlight for us ;'-)

More views for the remainder of the tour.



End of another good day in the saddle.


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