Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Parade and a Rodeo

Saturday, 7/6/2013

This seems to be a very friendly town. Hanging around watching the parade, Jane approached us with a big smile to ask about out cycling and tell us that she and her husband host cyclists here in town; the young espresso cafe owner joined us for a chat as we were getting our bikes ready to head to the rodeo and told us of the possible grizzly bears(!!!!!!!) to be aware of; a fellow from Rhode Island drove down the road with his wife to search for us after seeing us at the Post Office to ask all about our Bike Fridays; pickup truck drivers stop on the road to let us cross and give us a nice wave; folks walking into the grocery store smile and ask about those little wheeled bikes, and where are we biking. Seems every time we turned around someone was taking to us. And then there were the people that chatty Susan talked to. ;'-) We were a busy duo today.

Fourth of July Parade in LIncoln today. As you might guess, there were lots of horses parading down the road, and many vintage cars. It may have been the quietest parade either of us has seen. No HIgh School band, no marching majorettes, no drummers, no music of any kind.

Many groupings of horses parading


A few horse drawn somethings were there
Smokey made it

A very different thing happened at the parade -- they were handing out ice cold beer, and folks, including the parade marshall, were drinking it as they walked around town. Once the parade was over, the watchers did not immediately pick up their chairs and go home. They stayed a very long time in clumps and visited with each other. It took a rather long time for the crowd to dissipate.

Cowgirls in their boots
Lewis and Clark


From the parade I think the whole town went to the rodeo.

As we entered town, this horse was being prepared for the day's activities


Lots of gear for horsing around


Cowboys get ready for ropin'

It was a little hard for us non-cowgirl people to watch those little calves get roped, their little legs wrapped together and slammed down on the ground. But we know this is what cow pokin' is all about. Our vantage point from our seats on the ground of the hillside was not good for taking photos of the buckin' bronco events, and soon we were ready to leave. We had groceries to buy after all.

After this full day of cowboydom, we returned to the cabin for relaxing and Susan did some early evening fishing while I strummed the ukelele. I can't say that I think I am getting better at it, but the uke is entertaining me.

The cabin from roadside


Part of the view from the cabin across the gravel road


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