Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Epic Tour Draws Closer!

December 24, 2013 (Christmas Eve)

As the time for my tour nears, my anxiety grows a bit. Will my body hold up to the challenge? Will I make it to the end point before dark each day? Am I strong enough for this? How will I withstand being away from home and everyone for two months? What about packing the right stuff?

Well, it goes on and on but in addition to having the nagging worries, I am also excited about the tour. A major niggling worry however is that I have not been doing any regular exercise -- as in strength training or interval cardio training, nor long rides; AND my eating regimen, well, isn't. Then December came in with frigid weather, precluding riding my bike very much at all.

This all wouldn't be quite so bad if it were not for the fact that I do believe I was born to worry, and this is all fodder for that fire.

Most recent dithering is around the packing. We are limited to two bags that weigh in at a total of 50 pounds, with neither weighing more than 30. We will be carting our own bags from the van to our room, some of which will not be on the first floor, so if I can go a touch lighter that will be to my benefit. I have a list -- oh do I have a list! -- of things to consider taking along. After this holiday is over I will start gathering and putting things out in sight to see just how much I do have on that list. Deciding what to cull from that pile will be the challenge. I love my comforts but am willing to do without some, but which ones? I want to be prepared for all weather, but just how much do I need for potential cold weather? I would like to have enough change of cycling clothing, but perhaps nightly handwashing will suffice? And the gadgets -- I don't dare list them at this point, at least until I get them in sight and see what we are talking about here.

At least I got a bit of riding in during Susan's Thanksgiving Break from school. We went to Jenny and Laurent's home in Indianola, on the Kitsap Peninsula, and enjoyed a delightful Thanksgivng dinner. We spent the night there and drove to Long Beach the next morning.

Morning tea time at Jenny & Laurent's house
The morning view during morning tea

We arrived in Long Beach for a rainy weekend.

Lewis and Clark were here

There is a delightful trail that connects Long Beach to Ilwaco.

Some of the trail -- the part into Ilwaco -- was not paved. And was UPHILL.
Uphill on a gravel trail -- yuck!


Captain Clark with sturgeon

Long Beach was decorated for Christmas.

So was Ilwaco.

Crab Pot Christmas Tree

There was also a long boardwalk in Long Beach - for walking.

Rain or not, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the ocean. Fortunately it was not cold so the rain did not deter us from our bike ride.

Back to worrying and dithering -- will keep everyone posted as the time gets even closer!