Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rain in Vancouver

Thursday, 5/29/2014

I had forgotten to write about the eagles in yesterday's post. As we headed north yesterday, and I think we had just gotten into Canada, there were "swarms" of bald eagles along the beach -- standing on the shore, perched on logs, soaring low above the water, and flying right above us. We felt as if we could almost reach out and touch them. There had to be hundreds as the scene lasted quite a while as the train rolled past them. Neither Lynne nor I have seen this many eagles in one place.


The forecast was for "light rain" this morning, clearing by mid morning. Imagine our surprise when, walking out the door to find a breakfast place at 7:00 this morning, we were greeted with heavy, hard rain. What a total weather reversal from yesterday's sun and clear day!

We dodged rain drops and darted from store front to store front, taking advantage of each canopy along the walk to breakfast. Retracing our way back to the hotel, the rain had not yet become "light". We packed up our luggage and relaxed a little in the room before heading out for the Big Bus and today's adventure.

The bus let us off near the ferry landing for the boat that would take us to Granville Island (ticket fee included in our Big Bus cost).

Interesting bridge arch
Making our way in the rain -- Seattleites always come with rain gear.
Our captain


I guess it is more a "water taxi" than a ferry
Fleet of these cute water craft

Wandering around the Island and visiting the Market and shops unearthed a pair of knee socks for me (thanks Lynne for finding these great socks), and a grocery bag for Lynne. Our tastes are minimal ;'-), and a cookie and scone for a later treat!

After scouring Granville Island we found our way up to the Big Bus stop with only a little challenge. Though our water taxi ticket was good for a return trip, we opted to get the bus on the other side so we could explore that side of town that we had missed yesterday.

Yesterday we passed by the Public Library that resembles the Roman Colesium, and today we took time to walk through and around that area.

Inside the Library Square. Library on the Left, shops on the Right.
I have not before seen the pigeon memorialized.

At the Square, I found the greatest tea shop and spent lots of time talking with the two women there and learning yet more about tea. Just by purchasing a cup of tea to enjoy at the outside table (with Lynne over her Mocha, and the treats we had bought at the Market), I got a coupon (attached to my cup) for 25% off a purchase of their bulk tea. Need I say that I used that coupon?

Lots of time talking and some tasting at the "LOOK" tea shop.

We gradually made our way back to Robson Street, and to our hotel to retrieve our luggage. Along the way we stopped for Lynne's Birthday lunch at the crepery suggested by our bus driver, and had a great lunch and fine time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNE.

Came across some music in the street


The best I could do at getting a photo of our hotel


Our hotel was not one of the high end places in town, but more than adequate for our needs; reasonabley priced; has great, free, fast internet; and is right in the middle of Robson Street, a major downtown area. We would recommend it as a place to stay for anyone looking for a hotel in Vancouver.

Train station in Vancouver

The walk to the skytrain was in "almost" no rain, we had no problems with the ticket machine this time, and found the correct stop for the train station. Time to go home.



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