Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Eagle River WI

Sunday, August 28, 2016

We landed today. After three full days and a morning of driving we have made it the 1785 miles to Eagle River. Susan did ALL of the driving even though I was there for relief if she felt the need or desire. The weather was variable -- sunny at times, cloudy at times and a heavy rain on the last full day. But the rainbows were beautiful.

And the sunsets were stunning.

We get a lot of rain in Seattle, but without the sun -- so rainbows are few to none.
Even blurred the sunset is incredible. Thanks to the clouds.

At about 140 miles from our destination we found a place to spend the night. No easy feat in these lake resort towns with sky high prices. Coming upon the Casino -- we got the last room -- and that one had just opened up with a cancellation.


A haven in the night


Thank goodness


Free rewards for joining including $10 for the slots.

Susan seems to win whenever we do this (we have joined at least three casinos on our various travels) and did win $5 which almost paid for the two beers she had. I came out a clear winner of $1.50 to the good!

Finally a full night's sleep with no need to rise at an unreasonable hour as the drive to Eagle River was relatively short.

Checking out the outdoor shops and any fishing shops called for a stop before finding Trees for Tomorrow.


Interesting crosswalk marking in Eagle River


The crosswalks look similar to traffic circles

From the brochure information: Trees for Tomorrow (TFT) started in 1944 to help reforestation efforts in northern Wisconsin. Now that the reforestation has been completed, TFT has shifted more toward educating students, teachers and other adults about wise use of natural resources. TFT is an accredited Natural Resources Specialty school.



Got our room keys and name tags


Door "decs" just like Sarah did for us at WWU!!

Accommodations are sparse, but several steps up from fish camp!


We have electricity and the (indoor) facilities are a short walk down the hall

After social hour with snacks and drinks, we had dinner. THEN we had ice breaker time. I HATE ice breakers, and have learned that most people here hate them too. Fortunately we had only one and all got through it in good form.

A slide show and introduction to TFT followed our ice breaker fun. Our leader, Kim went over our schedule and told us what we would be doing for the week. There will be bicycling of course, but also we will have a canoe day, and apparently a walking in a bog adventure where we will wear these provided boots.



Off to (bunk) bed now ;'-)


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