Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stormy Day in Rhinelander WI

Good for us to be here for this day of weather! Up to now we have had just about perfect weather for our activities and travel. Last night was thunder, lightning and heavy rain. This morning the heavy rain remains but the storm seems to have passed on.

This was a perfect morning for me to finally get in a good yoga practice.


A quiet spot for my yoga mat overlooking the rainy forest of trees

After a morning of reading and relaxing, the rain eased up a lot so we ventured into town.

Rhinelander is "Home of the Hodag". Back in the late 1800s, Rhinelander pioneer and timber cruiser Eugene Shepard claimed that a ferocious monster attacked him from atop a white pine, and he got a photo of it before it ran off. He described the beast as a hairy animal at least seven feet long and thirty inches tall, having white horns, dangerous tusks, vise-like jaws and sharp claws.


The fabled Hodag in front of the Visitor Center


"Photos" of Hodags

Shepard eventually admitted that the Hodag was a hoax and that the photo he had taken was a beast made of wood, ox hides, bull horns and steel.

Rhinelander residents do not think of the Hodag as a hoax. If something out of the ordinary happens people will say "I think it was the Hodag". As well, rumors of Hodag pranks and sightings circulate around town -- kind of like Sasquatch back home. The Hodag has become a local legend, and the symbol of the city with plaques and statues in parks, schools and businesses in town. There are even placards around saying "Hodag for President".

After some shopping in town (which is in the process of revitalization) Susan and I had a first time experience.


Ice cream in a laundromat? This has to be a joke!


No joke -- ice cream in a laundromat.


And soooooo yummy! The extra fat content of this particular ice cream made it the best I have ever hat!!


Truth in advertising.

Our arrival back "home" was not long after Dean had gotten home from work. Linda was ferrying children to cross country meet, cross country practice, dance lessons and guitar lessons so would not be home until late.

This cousin also lives on a lake -- Buck Lake.


There are kayaks, canoes and pedal boat as well as flotation tubes and other toys but we didn't take the time to enjoy them.


Interesting swivel chairs at the end of the dock gives more room on the dock.

It is hard to get good photo of the entire house.


Dean and Linda favor the Frank Lloyd Wright style and their home is lovely.

The three of us are about to have dinner so I will sign off for now. May add more later. Or post new in a day or two.

PS -- I (and Susan too I think) am a little homesick!

A few photos make it to the post -- better late than never.


Andy taking Dylan or a walk


Andy and Susan cooking brats for dinner


We say goodbye to Levi, Andy, Linda and Juliana.



  1. I love that ice-cream. That would be my kind of ice-cream. Yum.

  2. It would quickly become mine too Meta! That was mighty good ice cream.