Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 5: Piroshky & Crepes

  • #5 Piroshky & Crepes, Everett WA
  • October 29 (Raining)
  • Assam Black Tea
  • 9.5 miles
  • Sunspot socks

The plan was hatched for me to ride my bike to daughter Sarah's house where I would meet up with Susan who would be bringing grandson Etienne there from the ferry. It was raining!

OK, well I am planning to do the 'November Ride in the Rain Challenge', so this would be a good practice day for that. And a perfect time for me to stop on the way for tea at one of my very few favorite tea spots.


Clouds drip rain

I actually rather enjoyed my ride in the rain. The rain was gentle and falling straight down on me rather than blowing into my face; there was no wind; and it was not cold. Add to this that I was totally covered in ALL my rain gear, so was well protected. I had started out without rain pants on as I seldom wear them. Within just a few short blocks I realized that this was real rain, so turned around for home to get those pants. I arrived at Sarah's wet on the outside but dry and warm on the inside.


Is it any wonder that I love this place? Raindrops on my gloves evidence my rainy ride.

Now that I was weathered to the rain, I changed my original plan to take the most direct, shortest route to the house and added just a couple more miles to enjoy being in the saddle. Thus proving that I CAN ride in the rain and actually like it.


My bike stayed outside but very near me.


Socks of the Day


Monday, October 24, 2016

2106 Coffeeneuring Challenge 4: Henry's Donut

  • #4 Henry's Donuts Mukilteo WA
  • October 24, 2016
  • Farmer Brothers Black Tea
  • 20 miles
  • Bumble Bee Socks

Henry's Donuts is a small local, well, donut shop nearby. Leaving from home for a ride around my neighborhood, I rode 20 miles round trip, but Henry's is about a mile and a half from my house. I wore my bright bumble bee sox to lighten up this cloudy, somewhat gloomy day. No place to really park the bike, but easily left outside the window and using my "poor man's lock" system. Not much room to do that should several bikes arrive. Farmer Brothers Black Tea -- the brand that many restaurants are supplied with, kinda like Lipton but oh well. It is not always about the tea. I think my theme within a theme next year will be "the best of the worst". With tea choices what they often are, this theme should not be too much of a challenge ;'-).

Bonus is the lingering fall color. Just fantastically gorgeous. I have included photos of some of it in #3 post. Today I had some fun Halloween yard "art" to enjoy.


If I return to Henry's, I must remember to bring my mug as they serve in styrofoam cups only.


My socks helping to brighten the gloomy day


Lots of donut choices.


I chose the buttermilk donut


The baker at work





Coffeeneuring Challenge 3: L'Artisan French Bakery

  • #3 L'Artisan French Bakery, Mill Creek WA
  • October 22, 2016
  • Matcha Super Green Tea (high caffeine!)]
  • 19 Miles
  • Emu Socks

L'Artisan French Bakery in Mill Creek WA is a regular stop for our bike club rides. This time I rode with my friend Bette-Ann who was kind enough to take a photo of my emu socks.

19 mille ride in beautiful fall weather and color. This bakery is VERY bike friendly as it is a regular bike club stop almost every week and they take care of us well. Add to that some fine bakery goods, good sandwiches and good tea (and I will guess good coffee) and we have a perfect place to stop on this chilly and beautiful






2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 2: Flying Apron

  • #2 Flying Apron, Redmond WA
  • October 20, 2016
  • 27 miles
  • Golden Monkey Tea
  • Cats with Umbrellas socks

A small group of us took advantage of dry pavement (after a week of rain) for a ride along the Sammamish Trail with a stop at the Flying Apron in Redmond WA. Parked bikes outside the window and we could watch them, or onto the bike rack near the door.

Great loose leaf tea (I had Golden Monkey black tea), and coffee drinkers say they have great coffee. Pastries are of course delightful!! And the servers are gracious and accommodating. 27 miles round trip. We will be back to this spot.

Kitties with umbrellas on socks in case of rain. ;'-)

YES! Lots of loose leaf tea choices!

Yummy goodies!

Coyote sighting on the return trip.

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 1: Little Bee's

Still in Michigan, we took the Leelanau Trail and found Little Bee's.

  • #1 Little Bee's An "official" teaneuring stop ;'-).
  • October 11, 2016
  • Twining Green Tea
  • Sutton's Bay, Michigan
  • 33 miles
  • Whale Socks

We rode the Lenanau Trail from Traverse City to Sutton Bay where I found my tea stop. Parking along the fence in this very narrow walkway would not be possible during the summer season, but worked for us today.

Twining Green Tea was my only choice.

Friendly and cute place even if tea choices are minimal. Vickie had a decent latte however.

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 0: Gas Station!

I am joining the challenge again (my third year) and will be exploring tea stops.

  • Teaneauring #0 -- How NOT to go teaneauring.
  • Gas Station Tea!
  • 10/9/2016
  • 37 miles
  • Sullivan Community, Michigan
  • Zebra Socks

Here is what I wrote on that date:

I am in Michigan again this year and my friend Vickie encourages my tea stops at all times, especially during coffee/teaneuring season. On our ride on the Muskatewasa Trail outside of Muskegon, this is all we could find. OK -- it was green tea of a tea bag variety and the only hot water was from the HOT WATER TAP back in the kitchen. Imagine!

We did have a great 37 mile ride even with the wind and 56 degrees as it was sunny and blue.

I am not counting this one, but needed to post ;'-)

"Enjoying" Tap Water Tea!!! In Zebra socks ;'-)


What they had on display in the gas station store


Friday, October 14, 2016

Mukilteo has some Fall

The return home from my time in Michigan went well, but it was a long day with flight and public transportation. The weather here had been as nice as we had had it in Michigan this past week, but would turn the evening of my return. Forecast for rain, storms and heavy winds are through the first few days, then rain for about an entire week ;'-(

Susan and I took a walk the day after my return to miss some of the heavier weather and high wind coming our way. While in Michigan, a state with history of brilliant Fall color, there was little color at the time I was there. Here in Mukilteo, we make up for it.


Bright reds


Yellows and oranges



Red tipped leaves too.

The rain was gentle for our walk and the wind was calm yet. Time now to get home and batten down for the storms!

The lack of fall color in Michigan did not detract from the nice time I had there. It is always nice to see Len, share time with him, Vickie and the cats at his house, and to explore some of the bike trails and roads around the state. Thanks Vickie and Len for my time with you each and both.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Leelanau Trail Traverse City MI

I had read and heard about the Leelanau Trail for a long time and have asked Vickie to ride this one some time. This year is that some time. I am satisfied to have ridden it and it is a nice rail trail, but we have each done trails with more to offer. All the hype that I am familiar with overdoes the draw to do this one.


Starting out, Vickie was a little low on water so it was fortuitous to come across this pump at the beginning of our ride.

We did pass by some nicer scenery than we had had on the Musketawa Trail.


Typical nice farm photo


There were orchards, vineyards and hops similar to eastern Washington



Looks like a labyrinth
Another long trail -- not so flat as it looks as there is a slight incline to the end and back to the start


Old Root Cellar alongside the trail

Suttons Bay is at the other end of the trail from Traverse City. Here we would cruise through a bike shop (and buy an item or two as in gloves and mirror), have our coffee/tea break, and enjoy lunch.


Old telephone put to use as an information kiosk with map of the town


Tea at Little Bee's (more to come in the challenge post)


A side trip to the end of the marina on Lake Michigan


Hear I am at one of the Great Lakes

Time to head back on this our final day of cycling the rail trails for this year. We drove back to Len's and I will prepare for departure for home on Wednesay. But one more day of a few miles in the saddle as I ride into town to return the bike rental, make the stop at Espesso Milano for tea and blogging, and say farewell for now to Midland.

It has been a fine week and I have been very fortunate to have had such good weather. The chill is coming now and we can tell that the frost will hit soon, but we have had fairly warm weather and no rain on our parade this week. Thank you Vickie for yet again a great time in your Michigan.