Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, March 6, 2017

Second Wettest February on Record

(This is also my cyber report for my pen pals)

Rain, snow, fog, wind, ice, clouds, sun. We had it all this month. Amazingly I did get in some rather nice activities indoors as well as outdoors. And I did a lot of reading!

The class I had signed up for at Creative Retirement Institute (CRI), offered through Edmonds Community College, got me out of the house and held my interest for the first few weeks of the month. It was about the Korean War: The Forgotten War. The instructor was very good and the information was well presented. I knew little about this war and learned quite a bit.

Actually the very beginnng of February had a couple of sun days to give us and I took advantage to go on some bike ride with friends. Cindy and Bette-Ann drove over to Redmond to start a ride and at first we were disappointed with traffic on the route. We pursued enough though to enjoy more remote riding and had a highlight of coming across the Red Brick Road ;'-).


Picturesque bridge takes us through part of a park


We came to a paved trail with a canal running through it


My bike likes this trail


B-A and Cindy like the trail also


I like the trail so much I take another photo


Quite a few years ago I rode on this road for the first, and I think only, time before this ride. It was nice to "discover" it with my friends again today.




I have posted in a separate entry the Alphabet letters that I uncovered through search by bike and a few by foot. That was a great self imposed challenge that helped me through a rather dreary month.

Then there was snow.


Getting out our door for a morning snow walk



The road in front of our house


Snow people that someone else built


A walk on the trail very near our house


We earned lunch at the Thai restaurant. It started snowing again while we were eating lunch.

Speaking of lunch, and breakfast for that matter. Meeting friends for movies, lunch and breakfast is always a great treat for me. My monthly movie/lunch date with Pat became lunch only as there was no good movie for us to see this month. We met at a new spot for us and had lunch at Scott's which had good choices of food and a fine place for us to catch up with each other. Pat and I had chosen the movie Hidden Figures last month and I had wanted to also see La La Land -- because of all the hype. My friend Bill showed interest as well so he and I and a friend of his met for that movie and dinner afterward. Though I was glad to see the movie, I was a bit underwhelmed given all the hype it had been given.

The weather actually allowed for several rides and walks during the month -- one had to be diligent about watching the forecast and determining whether to heed it. They are so wrong so often.


A walk along the Edmonds waterfront with Bill & Susan. Working fishing people down there.


A ride to the Snohomish Bakery and this baker showed up ;'-)


Intense on her work


Indication of our wet and windy weather.

More than one of our days were quite chilly! But we bundled into our finest to brave the weather.


Brenda dug out her snow suit and found that it kept her bum quite warm


The little gnome home on this ride

Another sunnier day brought us onto the north Centennial Trail.



Bette-Ann gives her hand at the xylophone


We enjoy several murals along the way.


Nakashimi Barn is our destination at the end of the trail


The barn is part of the farm owned by Japanese Americans who were forcd into those miserable internment camps during WWII. Sad story for this large hard working family to lose their land during this time.

Another indoor activity I got to do was to play trains with my friend John. I must try to get a photo the next time we do this. John is train hobbyist and has taught me so much about the workings of the railroad. His club has an extensive layout of track with scenery, towns and working yards. He sets up a work scenario for me and (with his help) I figure out how to accomplish the job at hand. It is most fun!

Susan and I drove up to the Mountain Loop Highway for an attempt at snowshoeing with the ranger who would be leading a group from the Verlot Ranger Station. We got close -- but the snowy driving got to be too much for us so we aborted that thought. We drove down to where there was no snow (only rain!) and did a little walk/hike around the falls of Granite Falls.




Add precious and fun times with some of the grands and this was indeed a full month! No photos of them this time but we shared some valuable times with them, including having some of them (one at a time) have a slumber party here with us. ;'-).

Here we go into March now -- and weather is not so good here at its beginning.


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