Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

30 Days of April: April 1-5


APRIL 1: a shortened version of my neighborhood loops.
Early morning drippy weather turned in to a dry one with even some sunbreaks -- enough so for me to get to see my shadow for a minute!

Stopped for a photo of the church garden with its plastic bottle Green House.


Green House made of Plastic Bottles. Good recycling ;'-)


A closer view


A few bikes corralled back there as well.


APRIL 2: I joined up with two riding buddies, Kathy and Cindy, to start our ride in some bit of rain that became some bit of hail. Didn't last long and we had a dry day (again?!) with just a couple of brief sun breaks for our ride to and through the airport, to the Lake and by our local "train station" and on for a tea & crumpet stop.


Kathy and Cindy



Me and Kathy



APRIL 3: Biked to Sarah's to get everyone geared up for a ride with the Grands to the Lake for a picnic lunch and play time at the playground. Kaitllyn brought me a flower, then Lucy & Jatydon "had to" do the same. I am so fortunate.

BUT- on the ride back to Sarah's I found a "grabbing" whenever I used my rear break. Susan immediately said let;s take it to bike shop. They found a small crack in the rim. Now in process of replacement. The bike will stay at the shop awaiting a new wheel & spokes and then the shop will build the wheel. Since the bike is already there, I included to have them do a total tune up and overhaul. It will all end up being costly, but as I say -- better safe than rich. (Said tongue in cheek).



It takes some doin' to get everything done@


Lucy practices pushing the Chariot just in case.


Arrive at park and rush to the playground.


Setting up for our picnic lunch


Kaitlyn brings me flowers


Lucy and Jaydon are not to be outdone.



APRIL 4: I don't normally ride later in the day, but had a movie date with my friend Pat, and needed to arrange my schedule accordingly. Got home from the movie date just as school was letting out so I waited a little while before heading out for traffic to calm down. Took one long neighborhood loop rather than the littlle loops and had a fine ride. Susan has loaned me her Bike Friday while mine gets its update.

Cherry trees in bloom; ducks swim around the spouting fountain; village center clock dwarfs my bike; student golf team is out practicing.






APRIL 5: If not for this 30 Day challenge, I would not have gotten on my bike today. Our rain gauge (puddle at the bottom of driveway) showed steady rain falling from the sky. I waited and dithered for a few hours before deciding to take the short ride to complete two errands (mailbox and library).I arrived home rather wet but not unhappy. So --- I carried on with the original plan to bike to Sarah's to tend to the cats while they are out of town.

Yes, it rained, and yes I got wet all over again. But it was not very cold and the ride was not terribly long, meaning I would soon be there and able to toss my drippy clothes into the dryer before having my mug of hot tea. Well, after feeding the cats of course.


First part -- to the errands

My library stop


Stopped for a photo of the hotel putting green


Signs of Spring are everywhere.


And now that the rain ride is done (this one anyway), I feel rather accomplished.


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