Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Thursday, April 20, 2017

30 Days of April: April 18 & 19

April 18: I was not sorry that Cindy had to cancel her weekly Tuesday on this day. I NEEDED a "recovery ride" day. After two days of significant (for me) climbing I was not up for much in hills of any kind so I took a hill-less route around home.


I first went to the bank

After my bank stop I chose to do some meandering on my usual route but "backwards". Well, I wasn't riding backwards, but the route was backwards as it went in the other direction than I normally take. Plus, as my goal stated, I went basically hill-less.


This hound is right next door to the house with the lighthouse that I posted the other day.

We have quite the golf course nearby, and it is always pleasant to pass by on my bike route.


Be careful as a bad shot could land you into a mess...


...a mess of a pond of lily pads -- which...


...make a safe haven for raising your young. If you are a duck.

After this, was my return home from a fortuitous (with Cindy's ride being canceled) recovery ride day ;'-)


April 19: Pedal Pushers. Our Senior Center has a bicycling group that Debby organizes and recruits club members to lead rides for. This day was the "opening" for Pedal Pusher season. And I was the leader.

I left home driving in some light rain to get to the ride start. It was too late to cancel the ride so I figured it would either get better and riders would show up, or it would get worse and I would go to tea ;'-).

It got better (for a while) and seven of us started out on the Centennial Trail from Snohomish. We actually rode the first five miles in some sun breaks and definitely not rain. Until we started again after our rest break.

It started to lightly rain just as we got back on our bikes, and the rain never stopped through the remainder of our ride.

Four of us weathered the weather to arrive at Lake Cassidy for a "quick" break and turn around.


See the wet dock leading to the lake.



We have each crowded our bike under the kiosk roof.


I'm not nearly as miserable as I look, but my Bunny Ears are wet.

Back along the trail we continue in the rain, now just about oblivious that it is raining. We are nothing but wet and it is (fortunately) not a cold day. I cannot say we weren't cold by the time we got into our cars, but then there was a heater to warm us.


Swamp Lanterns (aka skunk cabbage) along the trail.

Being and multiple use trail, we often have sighted some horseback riders along the way -- not today however.



I have always been a bit fascinated by this place. I expect to see lawmen mounting onto their horses in preparation of heading out to catch those cattle rustlers. But there is never anyone there.

Dripping wet and beginning our chill, there was no Bakery stop at the end for this ride! It is nice to have friends who will ride with you in the rain. Let me rephrase that: It is nice to have someone expecting you to lead them on a ride that helps get you out of the house on a rainy day. Needless to say (I think) -- we were the ONLY riders on the trail during the heaviest rain.


Only three cars waiting for their wet people.


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