Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ride & Seek: #7, 8, 9

First, the story of the tie that doesn't work...

Tie is one of the twelve things that is on the May list of things to find. So far, most of the participants in this challenge have posted a photo of railroad ties in some way. So, naturally, I wanted to get a photo of an actual tie. The chance of seeing someone in a tie walking along one of my bike routes is quite slim.

I was rolling along this back neighborhood road when I passed by this guy walking his two dogs. As I said, I "passed" him. And then it came to me ---- "he's wearing a tie"! I made a quick U turn and approached him sayiing that I knew he would think this a weird question, but could I take a picture of his tie. He laughed and said "I have never been asked that before. But yes, I don't feel intimidated so sure." I then explained what I was doing and that I wouldn't take a photo of his face -- just his tie. He said "do whatever you need, and good luck with your challenge". He was such a great guy, I possibly could have asked him to put on a robe (another listed thing I need to find) and he would have done it!

I was so thrilled and excited about getting this photo that I realized in about a mile on the way home -- I had NOT included part of my bike in the photo. DRAT!! That is the main rule of this game.

Who would know that just a couple of days later, on my way to Sarah's to meet Susan for our camping trip, that I would see another tie walking at me!



Without question, or even waiting much for my explanation, he was immediatley posing for me -- and even held my bike without my asking! People are just plain nice ;'-)

Like another participant in this game, I looked up the meaning or "robot" and included in the definition is '...a set of automatic traffic lights'. So guess what ...



Needless to say, I had originally thought I would never find a robot to take a photo of. But lo -- here you are.

#9 was rather easy ;'-)




Nine done, three to go. This is such fun -- a game made for me!

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