Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Friday, May 19, 2017


To All my faithful followers (family and friends ) -- this app -- Blogsy -- has died. I had to get a different app so my blogs will now be at:

This will be my final post here on blogsy.

See you over there...

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I get to Seattle more than Susan does, but when I am there I have my Seattle-savvy friends Bill or Lynne to guide me ;'-). Otherwise I am much a country bumpkin. Susan has done the Seattle thing less than I, and wanted to shop the outdoor wear stores in town. Okie Dokie then.

We took the early express bus which leaves from just a block from our house and meant we needed to take only one bus. We skipped having breakfast at home for our practicing being on our vacation in a "strange" city ;'-).


We felt like we were already in Amsterdam ;'-)

We found a great place to have breakfast, took our time to enjoy it and then started our wandering to find all the outdoor wear stores that Susan had listed! It was a long day ;'-)


Let no moss grow under your wheels.

Not many photos for this post as we were busy! Much much walking and looking and finding things! We bought. And now we each think we have everything we need (or want) for our trip.


Susan said I was 'stylin' in my new jacket walking in Seattle.

Two buses to get home but we were happy to not be driving!! We are ready for Amsterdam!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ride & Seek: #10, 11, 12

This one was quite easy ...


The last two on the list are the ones I had wondered, short of having Susan dress up in a robe for my return from a bike ride, where in the world I was going to find both of them!

Susan and I had gone for a few nights camping and exploring near Cle Elum at the Teanaway area. For the return trip I biked into Cle Elum from our campground and met Susan, who drove the van and camper into town. After my nice little tea & crumpet stop at the renowned Cle Elum Bakery, I continued on to the Ranger Station, our pre-determined meet-up spot.


First things first ;'-)

As I was nearing the Station, I almost went past the Thrift Store! When I saw displays in the window, I screeched to a halt to see if there might be a robe hanging there. Nope! No robe. So I went inside and approached to two young women working the counter saying, "I have a really weird question". They cleared the counter in front of themselves and leaned forward on their elbows and said, "we are ready". Long story short, they were excited to help me and led me to the ring of hanging robes. They invited me to either bring in my bike (I need to include at least a part of my bike in the photos), or take the robe outdoors. I chose outdoors.


As I saddled up to leave, they wished me luck in my Scavenger Hunt. Two more really wonderful people to add to my list during this challenge.

For my last item, I knew what and where I would get the photo. But I needed to wait until I was leading my Pedal Pushers bike ride on the route up in the north end. During my "opening speech" to the twelve riders, I requested their indulgence for a stop where I could get the photo. They were more than happy to do so.


This ends the Ride & Seek game for May. June will be "iffy" for me as we will be in Amsterdam for part of that month. We leave on May 25th for a ten day Bike & Barge trip, then stay for an additional six days on our own. It may be fun to ride & seek while on the bike tour, but when on our own we will most likely not be biking. I plan to blog during our trip -- depending on time and wifi availability -- so come back to see how and what we are doing.

Thanks for visiting my blog ;'-)


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ride & Seek: #7, 8, 9

First, the story of the tie that doesn't work...

Tie is one of the twelve things that is on the May list of things to find. So far, most of the participants in this challenge have posted a photo of railroad ties in some way. So, naturally, I wanted to get a photo of an actual tie. The chance of seeing someone in a tie walking along one of my bike routes is quite slim.

I was rolling along this back neighborhood road when I passed by this guy walking his two dogs. As I said, I "passed" him. And then it came to me ---- "he's wearing a tie"! I made a quick U turn and approached him sayiing that I knew he would think this a weird question, but could I take a picture of his tie. He laughed and said "I have never been asked that before. But yes, I don't feel intimidated so sure." I then explained what I was doing and that I wouldn't take a photo of his face -- just his tie. He said "do whatever you need, and good luck with your challenge". He was such a great guy, I possibly could have asked him to put on a robe (another listed thing I need to find) and he would have done it!

I was so thrilled and excited about getting this photo that I realized in about a mile on the way home -- I had NOT included part of my bike in the photo. DRAT!! That is the main rule of this game.

Who would know that just a couple of days later, on my way to Sarah's to meet Susan for our camping trip, that I would see another tie walking at me!



Without question, or even waiting much for my explanation, he was immediatley posing for me -- and even held my bike without my asking! People are just plain nice ;'-)

Like another participant in this game, I looked up the meaning or "robot" and included in the definition is '...a set of automatic traffic lights'. So guess what ...



Needless to say, I had originally thought I would never find a robot to take a photo of. But lo -- here you are.

#9 was rather easy ;'-)




Nine done, three to go. This is such fun -- a game made for me!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Ride & Seek: #4, 5, 6

Susan had spent the night with the Grands sleeping over in the tent trailer. She had wanted to take them camping but time and logistics didn't work out for that, so they stayed in Sarah's drive way. All the same for the Grands!

The following morning I rode over there and we took the two little Grands to the lake for a picnic lunch. Susan pulled them in the Chariot and I rode along beside them. By the water side we found some birds.



There were two of these big geese, and they got very angry and aggressive when we approached a certain area. To me that meant we were getting too close to a hidden nest. So we left them alone.

We sat at the playground area and had our lunch before moving on to explore a bit and head home.


Susan by the Chariot with Kaitlyn and Etienne




Etienne ran to me for a huge hug after looking at the lake with Grandma

Later in the afternoon, after naps for those two, Sarah arrived home with Lucy from her Pre-K day and Lucy put on her Princess dress for me to take a photo.



Today I took a little ride around home and when I returned I "found" our cat laser toy (a pointer actually) for another photo entry for this game.



See the little light from the laser? Another listed item "found". Fortunately "rules" for this game are relaxed and as long as the participant feels her interpretation is correct, it is correct ;'-).


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ride & Seek: #1, 2, 3

I got three of the twelve things on the list -- one yesterday on my solo ride:



Two today on our club ride. I volunteered to lead the Pedal Pusher ride for Bette-Ann who couldn't lead today. As Cindy said -- it is actually warm today, it just looks cold from indoors. Because there was remnants of rain on pavement and the clouds were thick this morning, we were tricked into thinking COLD.



Upon reading the list of things I would be on the hunt for this month, Cindy volunteered to ride with me on the Cinnamon Bun hunt. Turns out that was this day. Not only a cinnamon bun, but a gluten free cinnamon bun at a favorite stop, the Flying Apron.

On the way to the cinnamon bun I met and introduced myself to Veonie:



Her person said yes to my asking to take a photo. She told me that Veonie loves attention and would be happy with me. She was oh so friendly (Veonie and her person).

Heading back from our bakery stop, we were mostly unlayering from this morning's layers of wear. I rode in my bike shorts for the third time this year. And the sun started to show up just as we were about done with the ride. Bright sun after that for the afternoon.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I Found A New Challenge

Each month has a different list of things to find. It's kind of like a scavenger hunt by bike. The MAY LIST contains a few things that seem impossible to find unless "planted" for yourself to find! I may not find them all, but I will give it a try, as well as get as creative as I can. See what I end up with ;'-0


  • A Large Bird
  • A Princess
  • Something Chewy
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Laser
  • Home Plate
  • Tie
  • Planet
  • Something Furry
  • X
  • Robe
  • Robot

Randall Van Scyoc Bicycle Ride & Seek Rules...

This is a Monthly Challenge.

Take a photo of as many of the things as you can that are on the Ride & Seek list with your bicycle (or part of it) included in each photo. I.E. if one of the items on the list is a Tree, take a photo of your bike in front of a tree. You must take the photos yourself.

Once you've completed at least one item on the list, create a Post titled with the name of the Month i.e. "April Challenge" and include your photo plus a note as to which item on the list the photo is of. Also include the total miles ridden on the ride which the photo was taken.

Whenever you complete additional items on the list, continue to post the photos as comments under your original post. Again include a note as to which item on the list the photo is of.

Photos that do not appear to be related to the current Ride & Seek challenge or those that don't contain a note as to which item on the list it is, may get deleted.

Be creative and enjoy the ride!