Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Into the Mountains

Often a day of adventure can start with a glitch. But there are worse things than fixing a flat in Nice (she who is not fixing it says, sunnily). The flat tire was a result from the previous day's ride, and soon it was repaired and we began our day's cycling adventure.

Susan and the GPS found our way out of town and into the mountains. Couldn't resist stopping for some fresh fruit to have with our lunch-to-come. The village of St. Andre was as closed up as any other on this Sunday afternoon, so we made sure to back track for a block to the sandwich shop that appeared to be open. Not exactly open, but the manager gave us three baguette sandwiches and a baguette that they were preparing to discard (made fresh everyday and left over from the day before) with no charge. As we cycled on with the baguette poking out of Susan's pannier, he said "there, you look just like a French girl".

"We'll follow the river", Susan said, "that will be a flat ride". And it was -- until we started climbing! See the river waaaaaay down there ... And the hill we are climbing ... In the mountains.

We took the "yellow road" which was short but took us off the busier road for about a mile. After a very short distance we were thinking it was a dead end and we would have to backtrack. Instead, we squeezed through a couple of tight spots to arrive at the connection to the main road. Made for and interesting detour.

Our destination for the day, Tourettes-Levin, was holding what they called an "exposition" and what we call a flea market. There were 180 plus venders for this big event. We walked our bikes up a long "stairway" into the town.

I am again frustrated because I have not yet figured all this out -- like how to post a photo I chose without it duplicating one I have already posted and NOT the one in just chose... grrrrrr. This will do for now and I shall continue on the learning curve.

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