Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In San Diego

Thursday 4/19/12

I did make it to San Diego! Poor Sheri had to pick me up at 4:00 a.m., but that may have been better than the 1:00 a.m. scheduled time.

Later that day (Thursday), after waking, we went out for a late breakfast and then a trip Coronado Island (photo of famous Coronado Hotel) and a walk on the beach. It was a hazy beginning but cleared up a later with tons of sun.

That evening, after Alexis returned home from work, the three of us went out for dinner at a wine shop/restaurant where the tables are settled in amongst the wine crates. As you dine you can choose wine for dinner as well as to take home. Dinner was delightful and delicious.

Early to bed was the order for this evening as I could catch up with the sleep I had lost the night before.


Friday 4/20/12

Sheri, as well as Alexis, had to work on Friday, so I was on my own for the day. Sheri and I had researched the trolley info, so that I could use that for the day.

Reminiscent of the trolley that Susan and I used when we were in Nice. I bought my day pass, hopped the "green line" to Old Town, easily transferred to the ""blue line" that took me to downtown. I took myself for a delightful breakfast at a cafe that Sheri had suggested, and on the way I met Hamilton.


I had tentatively planned to rent a bike for the day, but I ended up walking many miles instead. I have biked a lot around the area when Susan and I were here last year, and I wasn't sure where I would want to ride on my own, so I opted for feet instead of wheels.

I first walked to South Park in search of the tea shop that the guy at the cafe had told me about -- he actually printed out a googled map for me with directions of how to get there. When I got there, after about a three mile walk, I found that it did not open for another hour! I walked back to town and it was time for lunch.

After a light and brief lunch, I hopped on the trolley and got off at the Sante Fe stop for a walk to and around the harbor for a little time. Lovely, quiet walkway from the trolley for a couple of blocks before heading down to the waterfront. No photos from there as I have so many from our past trip here when Susan and I biked along the the paths and bikeways.


Saturday 4/21/12 -- Happy Birthday to Sarah!

This afternoon Sheri and I will be attending a show downtown called "Respect", a musical celebration of women (for girls (& guys) who just wanna have fun). Some of the favorite songs from the 20th Century, like "I Will Follow Him", "These boots Are Made For Walkin' ", and I Will Survive" among others. Should be fun. Alexis has to work so she will not be going with us, so she joined us for a morning walk on the beach at Del Mar with their two dogs. Another foggy morning, which has cleared up into a sunny later morning by now.

There were quite a few people, many with their dogs, walking the beach on this Saturday morning. I took this photo of the d.y fisherman for Susan! Now we will take a rest before getting ready to go out to the show.


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