Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Settling into Train mode

I am sitting in the seat across from the one in the picture. With two it might seem a little crowded although most of them fo have two guests occupying them. I'm just spoiled into having one all to myself.


It is raining on Portland, Oregon. We had an hour stop there rather than the 20 minutes we were told. The delay was due to attaching five private cars, and as one of the attendants said, they are millionaires so we will wait as long as they need us to...

I had my lunch in the Parlour Car (less selection and less formal),

and I will have dinner in the Dining Car (more selections and a tiny bit more formal feeling).


We had an afternoon wine and cheese tasting in the Parlour Car and observation car (they are basicallyy joined),

And ........... Yes, I did taste. Now I know I am not missing anything.



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