Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Friend (9/26/12)

I met Jan on a bike blogging site. I enjoyed her journal of the tours she has done and when I found that she lived in Michigan I asked if she would join us for a day of riding when I came to visit Vickie. She said yes, and today was the day.

Once I woke everyone in time, we were ready to greet Jan as she arrived right on time. We layered up against the morning chill and were soon ready to start our ride right from Vickie's dad's house.

Down the quarter mile driveway to the road that would take us to the trail for a visit to the Chippewa Nature Center. We looked around inside at the displays and the views before getting back on our bikes.

Our route would take us back into Midland, across the Tridge (from a different dirtection this time), to a walk through the Farmers Market, to a picnic table to enjoy our packed lunch (campsite with inferior pecan sandies-like cookies), to "our" coffee shop for a cuppa, and onto then Pere-Marquette trail The Pere Marquette Rail-Trail is one of the best known parks In Michigan's extensive rail-trail system. It follows the route of the old Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad that once moved timber to the area's sawmills. We weren't delivering timber, we were simply enjoying the views, the quiet surroundings and chatting with each other.

The final third of our loop back to Len's house was on some very quiet and sweet back roads. Definite signs of Autumn showed thier color.

Our day held gorgeous weather and we so enjoyed meeting and sharing time and riding with Jan. We said our goodbyes with good wishes and soon Vickie and Gerry were in the apr├Ęs ride position with their "restorative" beverages.


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