Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canyonlands -- Island in the Sky 10/23/2012

It wasn't really the hills (and it was hilly), it was the wind! We had horrific, brutal winds all day! I will talk more about the area and the ride after more introductions of the riders.

George lives near Boston and says he is not retired -- he "works his tail off" in between his many, many trips. He is a self employed structural engineer
Ida retired from nursing in July and lives in Denver. She so very much reminds me of my friend "wrong way" Cheryl

Ross says he has two hobbies -- spoiling Sheila, and aggravating Sheila
Meeting Sheila is kind of like meeting Meryl Streep. She not only looks a lot like her, her delivery is similar. She says she is not sure who spoils whom in this relationship.

Judyth lives near Denver and has been retired for fifty two days from practicing law.
I told everyone about my blog and said if they do not want to have their photo included to please let me know. Sheila said she does not mind having her photo posted, but please make her thin.

Back to Canyonlands. The Green River and the Colorado River divide the Canyonlands into three districts. Yesterday we rode through the NEEDLES district in the southeast part of the park. The MAZE is the most remote section and requires four wheel drive, time and self sufficiency to visit. THE ISLAND IN THE SKY is in the north east section and is where we rode today. We also did a couple of short hikes.

The only negative about this day was that dastardly wind! There was one spot where I got smug about finally getting a tail wind. It lasted for, as Daisy put it, a blink of an eye so she must have missed it, and when I rounded a curve a crosswind hit me so strongly it almost knocked me over. It blew grit and sand into the side of my face and mouth so that I was spitting little gravelly stuff as I entered our rest stop.

Our "rest" stop was for a half mile loop hike to Mesa Arch.

Mesa Arch

A view to the canyon through Mesa Arch
View of canyon from the out side

Different view same canyon
Several riders decided the wind AND hills were too much and got into the van for the next leg that took us to our lunch stop at Grand View Overlook.

View at Lunch stop

Another view at lunch
We did have wind at our corner of the hillside where we had lunch. The views were great but we were all getting pretty tired of wind.

Those who rode in the van for this leg got back on their bikes for the final leg, and a couple of others took their place in the van. The end of our ride was at Upheaval Dome. An amazing hole in the ground caused by salt upheaval and a meteor. There is lots more to the story but I didn't stay to listen to our visiting geologist. I had had it with wind and could not stay in it for one more minute to listen to what was actually a very interesting and informative talk.

Upheaval Dome - photo does not show the dimension nor the color very well
This is from the hike up to that Dome.

Little peek at some of the road we cycled on

Now gotta get ready to meet up for dinner.


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