Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Public Transportation

Monday 3/4/13

When I left the house early morning, I planned to take a walk around the area and return in about an hour. As I walked I thought I could get to the trolley and head downtown and leave the day to Alexis for relaxation and rest on her day off. She and Sheri work very hard in the food industry and at least the first day off from work truly needs to serve as an R&R day.

About a mile and a half into my walk I spotted the #13 bus across the street and sure enough, the bus driver said she did go to the trolley station. At our first bus stop I felt I was back at work at DDD for it must have been time for folks to go to work. I was duly impressed with the appropriate level assistance and the respect that the staff members, as well as the bus driver showed these men and women who had a variety of challenges and assistance needs.

After a rather long boarding time at the bus stop, we did arrive at the trolley station and I easily caught the very next one into town.

I disembarked at the Gaslamp Quarter stop.

Strolling around the Quarter gave me some interesting views of an old part of San Diego.

A street in Gaslamp Qurtere
Many old and beautiful buildings but not very good vantage point for me to take photos

I found my way to Zanabar Cafe where I had had the best omelet last year and would love to have another. Though it was lunch time, they serve breakfast into the mid afternoon and I got my wish.

My next destination was the bike shop. I had visited this shop last year and knew I liked it better than the one Sheri and I had found the day before and if I rent a bike it would be from here. I had a good chat with the bike guy and know how to go about renting, what the fees are and which bike I would most likely choose. All that IF I do indeed ride one of these days here.

By now it was time to wend my way back to the trolley for the trip home. Did a bit more walking and gawking before boarding the trolley. Once aboard I thought it would be a nice trip to take the trolley all the way to its end point at Santee Town Square. And low and behold, right there at the trolley stop was a tea and crumpet place (I call all treats crumpets, and this one was a scone).

Tea and crumpet at Einstein's

When I got home at mid afternoon, Sheri was there after work and said she had been at Santee Town Square right while I was there! It would have been quite the surprise to run into each other there. But I boarded the return trolley without seeing Sheri, and got the bus to within a mile walking distance to "home".

We enjoyed a nice hot tub soak (felt so good on my now aching back) a float in the pool, and a delightful dinner that Alexis had prepared for us.

Another full day.


  1. What a nice day you had.
    Plus all the goodies that came with it.