Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Tuesday, 6/11/2013
Today we would drive to the White Pine Rail Trail in Big (not Grand) Rapids, and ride through Paris. It could hit 81 degrees today -- it could be sunny -- it could be cloudy -- there could be an afternoon thunder storm. We didn't get the storm.
Station is closed down and in ill repair, but the parking lot is big
An idea of where is trail is located
In terms of exploring, Vickie is a lot like Susan -- always looking to see what there is to see down that road or off our given path. I really like that and it surely adds to our adventures. The spur off our path took us along the riverside and through a field of wild flowers before it looped back to the main trail.

Another bike rack (and my bike lays on the ground)
Cracked and broken robin's egg on the trail

And then we were in Paris and at the Eiffel Tower. The Fish Hatchery deserved a little visit, and by now lunch was calling our names. As we enjoyed our lunch by the Eiffel Tower, we were entertained by the ducks diving for their lunch. I did get a short video of the ducks, but the download will not work. After I get home I will try to add it here from my home computer.
Paris fish Hathery
Gerry finding the fish
We have eaten our lunch on an abandoned porch, a cemetery lawn, and finally fine dining by the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower was constructed from discarded bed frames by a few High school welding students in 1980. The builders would be about 50 years old now and we wonder if they ever return to see their craft.
Continuing on down the trail to Reed City, I spotted some cows that had found shade on this side of the fence. They didn't come on the the trail as the shade was where they were, and I hoped they would find the hole in the fence to return to the herd.
One of several who escaped to freedom
It was now quite hot and we were having visions of ice cream. When we entered Reed City, at the end of the paved part of the trail, we stopped in the Chamber of Commerce and the friendly woman attendant pointed out the "hand dipped, hard ice cream" shop across the street. Perfect. We scooted over there to find it is open 7 days a week, except Tuesday! We might have to settle for an ice cream bar from the convenience store -- but their freezer went out yesterday and no ice cream! I had to settle for my less favorite soft serve cone from the Dairy Freeze, Vickie decided on a Slush, and Gerry got a mere bottle of cold water. A town without ice cream.
After our less than desired, but satisfying treats we explored around the area a bit before our return trip. The covered bridge was an unexpected treasure, and true to form, Vickie found the dirt path that led to the wooden walkway below.
Bike and foot bridge
Vickie scouts the trail
Different view of the bridge
Dragonfly for Sheri -- mural under the bridge

Once back at the car they needed a coffee shop and I wasn't opposed to a tea, so we found another Biggby Coffee to slake our thirst. Reeds is the home of small Ferris University whose mascot is the Bull Dog. There seem to be many differently adorned bull dogs around the town.
Ferris University Bull Dogs
We arrived home a bit late, had dinner, rested, showered and went to bed!
Our very busy tour guide takes a rest

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