Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Saginaw 'n All

Friday, 6/7/2013

It was cloudy, cold and damp on the Lake Huron Coast this morning -- not very inviting for a bike ride around the area. We perused our bike books and decided to try the Saginaw River Valley Trail. It would be a bit of a drive, but also would bring us closer to home. After packing up and giving our lakeside cabin a fine farewell, we went for breakfast at a local cafe down the street then headed west.

There is not much to go to Saginaw for, and entering from the southeast side showed us its worst side. Many homes and most business buildings were abandoned and in very bad repair and there were very few people or cars about. But - as Vickie said -- there was at least this one thing that made visiting Saginaw worthwhile.

Diane M -- these photos are ones I think Billy would enjoy. A creative way to recall some of the past and allow us to get all nostalgic. And here is another one for Billy -- I know it is a dumpster - but what a nice dumpster!

We eventually found the trail that would wind us to the small town of St. Charles. A delightful ride and we were almost the only ones using it on the Friday afternoon.

Entering the trail
Farm buildings along the trail

At the end of the trail we had our lunch at the conveniently placed picnic pavilion and watched the lazy river. It is a mystery to us about this living dead sign as the building has no other sign on it.

Don't know what this is about, but an interesting sign

Got a nice shot of the Rail Trail Bridge and the water falls leading from our picnic spot down to the river, then were ready for a little more riding.

The other end of the trail
Falls lead from our picnic spot to the river

As the trail is somewhat short, be meandered off into the outskirts of town. This is often how many interesting things are discovered, and we were not disappointed on this ramble. The Outdoor Learning Center is part of the Saginaw School District and I wish I knew more about it, like who gets to come here to learn about all these interesting things. Hopefully everybody.

The building was closed so we could not "check in" as all visitors are requested to do. We rode around some of the paved pathways following signs to "survival area"; 'pioneer house"; "old mine"; "challenge course", etc..

Earning 60 -70 cents per ton!!!
Miners rest
Pioneer House


Then we took the road to the "Red Barn" to find yet more learning opportunities about farms, farm animals and farm life.

Red Barn serves as a classroom when learning is in session

Time to head back on the trail with the delightful wild flowers and tunnel of trees.

Don't know what these are but the line the trail beautifully
Vickie found this along the trail
Vickie & Gerry -- the only riders on the trail

Arrived at Hagley's Chippewa Pines to dinner that Len had prepared for us. Quite an unexpected treat. Thank you Len.


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