Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, June 10, 2013


Sunday 6/10/2013

Shortly after beginning our ride for today there was a turtle slowly crossing in front of me, and had made it to the very middle of the road. I was concerned that it would not make it all the way across without being crushed to its death by a speeding vehicle. First I tried to scoot it along with the front wheel of my bike, but it would not budge. As I saw cars approaching I stood next to the turtle (in the middle of the road) so they would not run over it. Then I thought I might have to pick it up to move it. I put down my bike and leaned over the turtle to help it along and it SNAPPED at me!! And what a large (and dangerous looking) mouth it had, and my how far around it could reach with that long thick neck. Now I didn't know what to do. I was scared of being munched on, so there I stood as Vickie and Gerry approached wondering why in the world I had been standing in the middle of the road in the middle of traffic.

Fortunately (for the turtle), Vickie had just the other night watched a nature adventure show on t.v. and learned that you pick up a snapping turtle by its tail. Once Vickie tossed it into the ditch the snapper scampered at breakneck speed into the water, under the mud and away from human danger. It moved so fast (unlike the road crossing trek) that we could not get a photo of it on its way to safety.

Phew, narrow escape for me and the turtle

Turtle saved (Vernetta would be proud), we moved on to Mt. Pleasant where we would visit Vickie's college alma mater. Along the way my buddies would stop to accommodate my addiction (or is it an obsession) of taking photos of interesting things in the farm yards. Photos I want to share in my blog.

"Funny Farm" with all the comic characters

As I seem to ride through college and university campuses on many of my trips, I have gathered several banner photographs. CMU has no banners hanging, but there is this nice sign.

My "banner" photo of CMU

We ate our packed lunch at the picnic table on campus, rode around to see Vickie's old dorm and a few of her campus haunts, then found our way to "Biggby Coffee" for our tea and crumpet stop. This was our halfway point and we would relax for a bit before tackling the headwinds to home. The tailwinds on the way here made us feel so strong and fast! Now would be payback time. We managed to find a couple more photo ops along the way.

I'd say the well is dry here - in someone's yard
Looks like a small stagecoach, may be a simple wagon to haul stuff around
I'd say the well is dry here - in someone's yard
Initially this farm seemed abandoned, but we found signs that someone must come here to use it periodically
Great old back door
This provided good heat in some cold winters.


This was a long mileage day and we were each and all happy to see Len's driveway finally come into view. Happily it was pizza night so -- no cooking for anyone.


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