Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bike Ride to Coeur d'Alene

Thursday, May 1, 2014 (May Day)

Our normal start of the day is a morning walk to a coffee shop where Vickie can get her latte.

After the latte and then breakfast, we drove to the state line where we had turned around from yesterday's ride. I/we were so thrilled to see state line signs, I took a photo of every one.

Off the trail and on I-90 but a sign!
On the trail at mile 0
Actually leaving Washington

And indeed, the trail continues to be named "Centennial". This part is not as nice a ramble as the miles we did yesterday along the river. The first few miles run right next to I-90 and the remaining miles wind through some neighborhoods -- some low income, back yards in disarray with "junk" strewn about, and some that seem to have been farms or small ranches gone to the development of the area and left to decay.

One farm building in decay

I almost want to say this is a "bikeway" rather than a bike trail as it detours to connect through neighborhood streets. Those streets are lightly trafficked, and have nice wide shoulders for bikes. We believe this to be the most well marked trail we know of. I like getting off the trail for some of the riding as I think it adds to the adventure.

Good clear directional signs at every intesection

I like when towns put some artwork into their manhole covers.

Post Falls is an outskirt of Cd'A

The butterfly bench was interesting, as well the bike hill % sign.

Butterfly bench shows more colors in person


This is really good news when one is heading down hill

The trail today has a few hills that were not part of yesterday's miles. They are not bad hills, and you get to coast down and then up most of them. Also, they are present for only a few short miles as we approach Cd'A.

About a mile before entering Cd'A we entered a busy beach area. The traffic was one way only (except for bikes), and the bike lane was wide so we enjoyed being close to the lake (Lake Coeur d'Alene). This is the part of the trail that Susan and I biked (years ago) with the trike club tour. And lo! I should see we are riding through, or by, yet another college.

Another banner -- I got to go back and collect all of these.

As soon as we entered the lake area we could of course see the huge resort and hotel of downtown Cd'A (sorry, not photo) AND the huge amount of construction going on here. Walking our bikes on the sidewalk allowed us to stop into a few (bike) shops but we made no purchase -- until Vickie found a tee shirt she could not live without at a kayak and outdoor shop. We secured a recommendation for lunch at the tee shirt counter and headed down the street to "Scratch" to dine outdoors at their sidewalk cafe.

Moose (and mouse) sculpture near "Scratch"

The trail does not end here in town, but we did. I think it may go on for another 10-15 miles but we were done, and retraced our route back to the parking lot.

Another delightful day.


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