Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, May 4, 2014

They call the wind Mariah

Saturday, May 3,2014


After the hotel-provided breakfast, we geared up for the ride of the day and walked our bikes down and out to meet up with the trail that connects UI with WSU. Upon setting foot and wheels outside the doorway we realized the folly of this intention! COLD, WINDY, HEAVY DARK CLOUDS. We immediately turned around, returned with our bikes to our room and changed clothes. This would be a driving and exploring day!

I may get to do this trail another time -- each time Susan and I came here while Jenny was attending WSU, I thought we could perhaps ride this trail. It does not look all that interesting actually, but it is a bike trail I have not been on!


Another school, another banner
To add to my banners, but also for Jenny

We walked around WSU campus, found Ferdinand's (the dairy that has scrumptious ice cream) to be closed, but did find the Bookie open. This made a good coffee stop and pick up a few books opportunity. This is the last week of school and is known as "Dead Week", so there was not a lot of activity. We passed a group of sorortity gals having their picture taken and when we asked "Are you graduating?", the all yelled and waved an enthusiastic "YES". Then one nearby at the end quietly said "I hope so".

The sorority gals happy to be graduating, and one hopeful


Here's your cougar Jenny

We came across this heart that is made up of all brass "junk" imbedded into it.

The "Technicolor Heart"

See how we are bundled up a little today -- after practically melting in yesterday's 80+ degrees. Changes happen fast around here.

We had a relaxing afternoon back at the hotel reading, napping or wandering about. Turns out we all agree that a "rest" day was a good idea -- even if imposed. We did need to rest up for a "late" night of entertainment. Keb Mo performed at the Beasly Colesium and we had tickets. Great concert and a wonderful way to end our "vacation".

We head home at around mid-morning today (Sunday) AND LO!!! Vickie has just joined me at the breakfast table at 7:15!!! She and Gerry are never up much before 8:30-9:00 (they sleep while I do my morning rituals of stretching, breakfast and blogging). Must be anxious to get home!

So, unless we do something extremely interesting on the drive home, this will be my final post for this trip. Those of you who have followed along, thanks for joining me. If you are not familiar with the email notices (if you want them), you can sign up to receive and email that will let you know when I am blogging -- see the top right of the opening page and put your email address in there.

See ya next time.

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