Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Enhanced Driver's License works...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Well, it better work after all I had to do to pass the requirements! I will make this story very short as many of my readers know about it. I was directed by WA Licensing that I had to get a "revoked or suspended" license issue in the state of Hawaii cleared up. I had a serious accident when I lived there -- it was my fault and I had no idea about my license being suspended. That was 45 years ago!!! After that amount of time one might think the books would be cleared and this issue waived? Not so. I made many (redirected) phone calls, had to fax (first find a fax machine -- thank you Bette-Ann) my personal info, receive documents by fax that I had to complete, have notarized, and mail them and a check for $20 to Hawaii to be cleared of this long standing revocation. Returning to WA Licensing I found that the issue had not been cleared on the computer, and the official letter I had in hand from Hawaii would not suffice. Huh? I got on the phone right there at the counter (much to the dismay of the attendant) and made my three redireced phone calls to the correct one and finally had it cleared properly and was handed my Enhanced License (by the not so nice staff person who seemed to resent something).

(So it seems that not much is going my way: Enhanced License issue, Visa kerfuffle, flat tires by the bundle, and who knows what is to come!)

But here I was, in Canada with no passport necessary.

Lake Osoyoos is about 10 miles long, and about a third of it is in Canada. When Susan and I stayed at the state park, we saw mainly Canada license plates, so this is a popular summer destination for Canadians. They say it is easier to find a spot here and is cheaper (camping, groceries, gas, etc.) than in Canada. The Canada border is five miles from where we are and the "wait time" seems to permanently say 25 minutes. We found out why! We were "selected by the computer" to be searched. Pull in over there, get out and walk into that door and wait. They took our documents and went to the van for what seemed like a quick peek before releasing us.

In another five miles we were in the town of Osoyoos and made the stop at the Visitor Center.

Inside the center, I am not sure if this is worship of the wine bottles.


Outside the Center

This visit was reminiscent for me of the bike trip that Vickie, Gerry, Cheryl and I did here a couple of years ago, and visited this very Visitor Center. We continued into the town of Osoyoos, found a bike shop for a new tire (had to order one my size to be picked up the next day -- I will be back in Canada), had lunch and then the five of us found the Gelatto Stand for dessert. Jaydon and Lucy's first experience with Gelatto and they seemed to like it. We then headed home to greet the newcomers and have some fun in the water.

Jeremy took Lucy and Jaydon for a raft ride


Greg took newly arrived grand daughter Clara for a swim


Jaydon went fishing
Clara's dad, Adam, searched for fish


Rebecca, Adam, Jaydon and loyal Jake visited on the dock

While eight or so of us were swimming, floating and diving, a Vee of Pelicans (pelicans?) flew overhead for a highlight.

After dinner we had a little entertainment and a family history presentation.

Cousins Jenny, Cheyene (with Clara) and Sarah (out of focus) gave us a karaoke performance to beat all!


Linda and assistant Neil gave an in depth history of their family dating back to the mid 1800s, and Linda says she is not done yet. What a thorough task!

Now it was time for the family double elimination Cribbage Tournament. This family has grown up playing cribbage and this was a highlight for them. Although Susan at least knows how to play (I don't), neither of us, nor Diane or Neil, participated. There were plenty of people with cribbage boards going at all times.

I arrived a little later than usual to my coffee shop this morning and boy! Is it busy right now. A couple of families with kids on bikes arrived for ice cream and the place is now filled up and loud. So much for my quiet time!

Expressions Espresso (I wish there was a better photo op, but this is it). At least we can see the lake in the background.




Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some chores need doin'

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First task of the day was to repair that flat tire! I ate my breakfast and resigned myself to the fact that the tire, even with setting out all necessary tools, was not going to change itself. It was a time consuming task (more so for me than most) but I am proud to say that I completed it on my own -- with a few pumps by Jaydon. My worry is that I could not find anything in or outside of the tire that may have caused the flat, and this being my second flat in about three weeks, I may not have cured the cause. Here's hoping...

I biked to my coffee shop, and Jeremy drove to it for some work and school papers he needs to finish. The library did not open until about two hours later, so he would use the wifi here. My next chore was to find a printer, print out a document, complete it and send it off. I had made a blunder or two on my application for India Visa, and the company I am working with sent me the documents to download and send back to them. Darn that library for not being open early. Now I had to put that important task off for a few hours.

Back to yesterday.

We had a bunch of good swimming time and enjoyed a cook out with all the fixin's before the presentation of our commemorative tee shirts.

Commemorative tee shirt and toys
Susan shows her frustration of me having her take (many) photos of me in my tee shirt


Let me tell you about the shirts. This is a "Lahti" family reunion -- that's Sarah and Jenny's Dad's family. It was gracious enough that they invited Susan and me to be part of this reunion party, then add being included in getting a tee shirt. Plus -- there was a little confusion that indicated there may be one shirt short. Naturally I offered up my shirt to someone who is actually "family". I did not realize that everyone in the room had heard me doing this. ("Aunt") Linda immediately said, "you can't get out of it that easily. You ARE part of this family". Then ("Uncle") Greg came to me, put his arm around me and said "You are very much part of this family. A very important part". I didn't say it, but this brought a little tear that I did not allow to fall.

Speaking of tears --- my tire went flat again.... I (again) worked so hard to find anything in or on the tire and found nothing. I spent the extra time to exchange tires front and back. This way if the tire is at fault and I get another flat it will be easier to change the front tire. I was too frustrated and occupied to take a photo.

Phew, what a morning.

Some time floating around in the rubber raft and visiting with each other at the beach, then, what is becoming our usual afternoon siesta before gathering at the Big House for fun and food. Pedal boat, row boat and fishing gear as well as some swimming and badminton occupied us before dinner, then s'mores were a hit. Sarah was resourceful to use the fire from the grill as outdoor fires are banned in the heat these days.


Diane and Neil keeping Troy company out of the pet-forbidden swim area
Lucy and I head for the Big House with fishing rods in hand


S'mores are soooooo good


Evening light and calm water makes for fantastic viewing


So good, I need another angle


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Activities abound

Monday, July 28, 2014

After my most pleasant morning coffee shop wifi stop I biked back to the state park and joined the few swimmers. Sarah had gone with her dad, uncle and aunt for a round of golf, and Jeremy, Susan, Jaydon and Lucy headed for the beach.

Early morning swim time

Just around the corner is a dock where fisher people can cast in.

See Lucy's Strider bike in the middle of our Bike Fridays


Jaydon says "there's a fish down there"


They all try to get that fish

After sun, water and fishing time we headed to the house for nap and quiet time. I had a nice quiet time and reading time before getting on my bike for a little exploring around town. There is not a whole lot in town but I like to see every corner. My plan is to, at some point ride down the road that parallels the highway where Susan and I drove for a bit the first day here. That will bring me to tons of fruit orchards and the quiet country side. Later.

A handmade bird feeder from what one has on hand


I did not know this is an apple town, and have not heard of "Gold Digger"
Evidence of apple town -- crates awaiting apple season


Directly across from the apple crates appears to be lumber town

I was just getting into this exploring of the town when the dreaded happened -- rear flat tire! It takes me forever to change this complex Bike Friday rear tire, but I did contemplate doing it had it not been about 95 degrees in the sun AND shade. Plus the shade brought bugs. I did the next best thing (some might call it the best thing) and called Susan. I was about a mile from the house and she was still in the van maneuvering to park, so she was fine to come and rescue me.

We arrived at the "Big House" for more fun. Greg (Don's brother) is always up for anything and he was the one who lead us each into a dive off the dock for a cooling swim in the lake.

Susan launches Greg in the kayak

Greg in the kayak was the final photo before my camera ran out of battery. So I think I will do more about the remainder of this day in the next day's post.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Family arriving

Sunday, July 28, 2014

The Osoyoos State Park is directly on the Lake and has great swimming area, and bicycling for little kids would be fun on the various paths between and around the campsites. But camping here is somewhat akin to camping in a parking lot, except that there is green grass. But no privacy and no shade, and lots and lots of RVs. It was nice for the one night, but I would not want an extended stay there. And thank goodness for our screen tent which offers a little shade and a little privacy.

Our rig without privacy
A taste of how close we are to others

I ALMOST got in a bike ride.

A railroad trail -- I like the name, but did not like the trail surface

But the gravel surface was not hard packed enough for me to enjoy riding on it. Susan rode a short distance in searh of some fishing opportunity. After the first attempt from the trailhead was uphill on gravel, we drove further up the road and she tried again. Though she rode only a short distance, she got some great views of the river. (no fishing access).

The Similkameen River
Not to worry -- I will Yield


We had lunch at a place that had great wifi so I was able to get those last posts in. The family began arriving and we unloaded a ton of our ultralight gear into the house we are sharing with Sarah & Jeremy (and later in the week Jenny & Laurent).

The toys for the week of play (add this to others and there is nothing we cannot do!)

About half of the family is now here and the second house (which will be the "main or big" house) is a 3 minute walk from our house, and is directly on the lake. Our house is actually part of the State Park but does not have wifi. So I am writing this in the evening and will upload photos and publish the blog tomorrow. I might take myself on an early morning bike ride to that restaurant for at least tea and crumpet. ;'-)

Here I am at the espresso shop. There is no "exotic" tea, but I like Red Rose! I am enjoying time to myself and catching up with blogging and emails. Now I know where I will be each morning for same ;'-)


Sunday, July 27, 2014

FM, SP, MP Part 3

Star gazers visit done, we moved on for a look at Molson Lake, or so we thought. As we entered the town of Molson, population 35, the road was closed and we could see strange looking things ahead. Turns out it was the 100th anniversary of Molson school -- which is now a museum. Many festivities were going on for this day, the first of which was a parade. We drove up the lawn by the school to park and joined the other spectators.

Community activities happen even in a town of 35


Advertising the restaurant
The parade was so short, the emcee talked to each and every participant. Even congratulated the tractor drivers for mowing the hillside.


A lot of generations in Molson
Festivities continued inside with live music

Many past students of Molson school were there for the celebration and it was a sweet thing for us to come across. A slice of small town America.


Nice gate at the Molson cemetery


A bit of scenery on the way "home"

After this exciting day, it was time that we could check into the campground for the night. That story will wait for another day. I am about out of battery and no current way to charge.


FM, SP & MP Part 2

We wanted to check out Molson Lake, and found that the Ranch where the famly will be visiting this week is close by. Why not check it out. We got to the sign at the entry and Susan had a "eureka" moment when she saw the Star Party sign. Our friends Kim & Helsa from the fly fishing club had told Susan they would be here for the astonomers annual Star Party.

We could see lots and lots of campers and RVs in the lot, so what were the chances that we could find them? Lo and behold, we turned into the road and immediately saw Kim as he was talking to a fellow star gazer. He and Helsa took us around the field for a fantastic visit of the star people's gadgets.


A very small sampling of the many and varied telescopes behind and alongside of me
We met this gentleman who is retired from NASA and follows his passion in a big way

To look at the sun, one needs a special lens telescope, and this guy is a sun gazer. His trailer contraption is much like a scientist's lab.

We all got a peek through two types of telescopes

Then Kim walked us into the main field and showed us the telescope he made, using a mirror he was given by a friend. One mirror started this year long project for Kim.

Kim takes off the weather cover of his telescope


Kim hand crafted all of the workings and it is indeed a work of art from the heart
By comparison to Kim's, here is a bare bones, duct taped version
Helsa and Maggie Rose sit outside of the telescope field roped off from pets entereing

This ends part 2.