Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mudslide, Forest Fire and two Biscuits

Friday June 25, 2014

Family reunion (actually Don's family which we have graciously been invited to) is for a week at Lake Osoyoos in Oroville, WA near the Canada border. We would drive there a couple of days early, just because.

Our first obstacle was to determine how to get to eastern Washington. The wild fire had routes 2 and 20 closed or with long detours. At last, the day before we were to leave, Highway 20 opened up. On our way we drove through Oso wich is in the midst of cleaning up and road reconstruction from the recent mudslide. We did not stop, so getting a photo was difficult to near impossible.

Oso mudslide

My one attempt at a photo does not nearly show the vastness of that disaster, nor tell the story of those who lost homes or lives. It was sad to think of how those who lived here suffered those losses, and trying to envision a town of houses and activity added to that sadness.

We made a quick stop in Newhalem and that is where we "met" the first biscuit. The little girl was riding her bike, apparently to football practice, and her little dog kept barking after her (and apparently at us). She kept yelling for "Biscuit" to stop and go home, but s/he would not. The girl turned around and rode all the way back to quiet Biscuit and put him/her in the house.


We have a fully loaded van with toys for the week. Plus we have the bed set up inside for camping, and of course --- fishing gear.

Loaded for play
Though we have been to Diablo Lake quite a few times, I needed to share a photo for the blog.
Beautiful Diablo Lake
We drove through Winthrop and checked out the place we will be staying after the reunion. Then we made a quick visit to the Hostel where we stayed last year. We chatted with the owner (cannot recall his name), said hello to our second "Biscuit" and took a little tour of the improvements they are making around the place. We remember Biscuit as being a sweet Labrador.

Driving through the second disaster was no less sad than Oso, and there are still some smoldering spots and newly burned trees. It was amazing to see a couple of intact houses standing in the middle of what appeared to be burned out areas within feet of them. Some homes were not so lucky, and once again an area of people and life activity has been litterally snuffed out.

We felt a twinge of guilt driving with all our oppulence through these destroyed and devastated towns and homesites. But I suppose that is simply how it is. Life continues.

Forest of burning trees

Arriving in Oroville in the early evening found us homeless. Campground full, no vacancy at the motel, and no other campgrounds nearby. Next best thing -- we "camped" in the Prince store parking lot next to a couple of other "campers". Much like Walmart Camping.

Spotty connection this morning is making it difficult to download and upload photos. Next post may not happen right away until I get better wifi connection.



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