Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our summer 2014 jaunts begin

La Push -- June 24-26

A family outing to the wild north shore was fun for all of us.

Susan got to fly the kite her brother Bill had given her


Lucy got to run away from the big ones


Jaydon got to dance with the waves


Lucy got to do her own dancing (before being knocked over from behind by one of those big ones.


We all got to climb and visit the hugemongous (Lucy's word) trees washed up on the beach

Camping Cabins is what they are called, and, for us they are a giant step up from camping.

Susan relaxes in the bed on the main floor, the ladder on the wall leads to the sleeping loft above.

The cabins are small but accommodated us rather well, had running water (no not however), bathroom, and kitchen with hotplate. Jaydon's highlight was the loft -- which I think was Sarah's lowlight.

We were located at "First Beach", and spent a lot of time wandering the beach and biking to the playground and on short trails around the cabin.

The seagull took advantage of a Fisherman's debris (left, I am sure for this very reason)


Time to explore a different beach, so we drove the short distance to "Second Beach" and hiked the mile long trail down to the ocean.

Jaydon and Lucy felt a need to carry and use my trekking poles



Jaydon finds it hard to leave his ball and glove behind


Sea anemones offered Lucy some experience


Touching them makes the curl up which startled Lucy


There was a beach offering tree on the trail as we neared the beach. I found a stone to add on the way back.

Exhausting the beach activities, it was time to head home and for a stop at the Olympic Game Farm. This is where many Disney movies were shot and where many of the animals were trained for such movies. Now it serves as a rescue farm for many, if not all, of the animals, and cars drive through to view and feed them (if you choose). The predators are kept in cages, and the bears are fenced in away from people but they wave and greet drivers. The bears, of all the animals look lethargic and sad to me, so I have not included any photos of them.

Zebras are a bit far from us and did not approach


Many of the other animals approach the cars and ask for treats

Jaydon and Lucy had such fun feeding them (whole wheat bread only!) through the car window.

Peacocks were an attraction
And there is a petting farm

A fun few days spent on the coast as we begin our summer.

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