Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Family Fun and Games

Thursday and Friday July 31 & August 1, 2014

There was fishing.

Laruent and Susan prepare fishing rods

There was badminton.


Adam, Jaydon and Don at the net

Picking teams with odd and even playing cards


There was the worst spelling bee.

A toss up of who is the worst speller in the family -- Greg, Jaydon (a ringer), Linda, or Jenny (who ended up winning)


There was try to make your opponet laugh.

I have no idea how Sarah kept from laughing at Adam's antics of dance!


There was "the most creative" entry into the water. We were all so enthralled with the entries, that no one picked up a camera. Clear winner was (pregnant) Sarah trying to do a somersault into the lake from the dock. Giving that up she lay over on one side and did a shoulder entry. The antics of getting herself ready and in position for entry was the most entertaining.

We tried for the scheduled outdoor movie and rootbeer floats, but the DVD had problems and after many tries we had to abort the movie part. Rootbeer floats were good.


The next day I stayed in (the air conditioned) house with Lucy while she napped and everyone else played a family softball game. They all came in dripping sweat and red faced after what sounded like a fun game.

I took my short bike ride, but passed up the coffee shop this time. I had a goal in mind. When Susan and I arrived in town a couple of days early, we took a drive along a back road. We saw an overly full tree of apricots. At the farmers market, we actually met the woman who owns that orchard. She told us to feel free to pick as many as we would like. I was off to pick some for the house.


Apricots abound. But it ended up they were not so great to the taste.


Apples are abounding too
They take their game birds seriously around here
I can hardly pass up an old farm building. An old homestead?


One more family game before the close of the reunion -- Trivial Pursuit, with one of the catagories being "Family Trivia". Earlier, everyone had emailed a little known fact about themselves to Marya for this part of the game. Some of those facts were fairly enlightening (who once worked in a whore house?), most were at least funny (who, by definition of a podiatrist, has the flattest feet known?). Marya had researched trivia questions and organized this event and it was extremely well done. Thank you Mrya.

This ended our last night together with everyone. Some would leave in the morning, a few would be staying for one more night.



  1. What a fun time you all had and great weather too.
    The apricots looked nice, but sorry to hear that the taste was not so good.
    Loved the apple tree and the rustic cabin.

  2. Weather was indeed fantastic, and when it was too hot we could jump in the lake or walk into the air conditioned house. My bike ride was short, but very nice on that back country road.