Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Family Summer Camp 2014 comes to a close

Sunday morning 8/3/2014

And what a close it was!

It's a Boy! And he will no doubt be the topic of many family reunions to come.

Tiny but healthy

Marya, her sister, and her mom and dad spent all day in the hospital in Tonasket. The 3 pound 12 ounce baby boy was born there sometime in the early evening, and mom and baby did fine with no complications. Dad and baby have been flown to the hospital in Spokane and mama will get there sometime today with family members transporting her and taking good care.

A few of the family took off for home yesterday morning and early afternoon; Susan and I moved to the big house for one more night. It seems that we had all more or less hit the wall, and after breakfast ala Don and Jenny, lazed around most of the day. Also, the weather took a bit of a change -- clouds, some wind and bit of rain with lightning striking the wires across the lake.

Laurent took Diane for a boat ride to assure that she would at least make it into Canada (she had forgotten to bring her passport). Susan and Diane strarted out for a potential rescue mission, but as they got closer they saw that the sea gull that was flapping around helplessly had a broken wing and could not be helped.

Diane and Susan off on a rescue mission

To avoid being a complete slug I did take one more ride to my coffee shop, had a tea, wrote a few lines and said farewell.

Thanks and farewell good friend

We will pack up today and head west for our next "vacation" in Winthrop and Mazama. The bad news is that there are more fires, so we don't truly know what that will bring to our plans.

p.s. The new tire is great. We did, after much much searching, find a tiny hole with a very small piece of glass that had been causing all the flats. With my stroke of genious to switch front and back tires, the last tire change was much easier.



  1. I hope the premie baby continues to do well. She is tiny for sure.
    Hope Mom is doing fine as well.

  2. You are the smart one about changing your tires and then finally finding the culprit. A small piece of glass.
    Hope the rest of your vacation will be with no flats at all.

  3. We don't know much more about he baby, but have no reason to think he isn't doing pretty well in Spokane, and mom will be joining him today.

    Yes, so fortunate to come up with that tire changing move!! Saved myself some work. Now that I know the old tire has a hole, I will most likely throw it out once we get home. I fear that now there is a weekness for other debris to enter!