Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cyber Ride 2

Ride taken in August, but just written on September 29, 2014


At an attempt to "catch up", here is a cyber report of a ride I did a few weeks ago.

A friend and I discovered this wonderful (Russian we think) cafe that serves not only great pastries, but fantastic crepes and excellent Borscht soup!! It may be a family business as all the employees have an accent and appear to be part of the family. It's really cool!

We discovered the place while on a group bike ride with the local bike club as one of their stops on a route they do periodically. Once we discovered the crepes, we have made this a breakfast place to meet once in a while when there is nothing else on our calendar. An added benefit is that I can bike there from home.

While biking there on this day I was in thoughts of how fortunate I am and have been in my life. I had an idyllic childhood and upbringing (and continue to miss all of them whom I have lost, and I have lost all of them); I have had rather good health and strength to do my activities that I love; I live in a gorgeous part of the country; I have the best and most caring friends that I can share time with over multiple different interests; I have a warm and loving family life; there are lots of nice places to bike, and I have chums and good friends to bike with; I have my cyber friends that help to keep me inspired, and who fill some of my "quiet" times with writings, thoughts and encouragement; and this day was sunny and beautiful for a bike ride!

Here is what has become a Breakfast spot for me and my friend Bette-Ann. The crepes are sooooooo good! And if we decide to go at lunch time instead, the borsht and meat or veggie pastry do the trick.

Quite a choice of sweet pastries -- hard to pass up, and hard to make a choice! They have an abundant choice of good teas as well. Next time I am there I will try to remember to take a photo of the wall display of tea choices. And the tea is the loose leaf type, not tea bags. I have become such a tea snob!!!

In addition to sweet pastries there are lunch choices of filled buns and rolls, as well as freshly baked bread. My friend bought a loaf on one of our outings and ended up giving me half so that she would not eat the entire loaf to herself!! Mighty good, that fresh baked bread. I too have a weakness for bread and can basically make a meal of it.

After parting with Bette-Ann, I headed home and took a little spur road off my route, as this day was too nice to stop riding. This road takes me, for a mile or two, onto roads through the "Snohomish County Airport" and some of Boeing plant. The larger plant is a couple of miles away, but there is some work done here apparently. I have since taken a few more rides through here and always see this FedEx airplane. Interesting to ride so close up to such a big plane.


Another beautiful bike ride with my cyber friends.

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