Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Mini day 2 - Pt. Townsend to Sequim

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The town closes up tight and quiet by about 7:30 p.m. I think. Our room is on the corner diectly on the main street (Water Street) and there was no sound at all once we retired to it. It somewhat reminded me of staying at my Grandmother's in Baltimore when I was a child. She had a grocery store on the corner, and owned the building that held her home -- two stories with, what I recall as, tons of bedrooms upstairs. Her room was on the corner of the building with similar surrounding windows that we have in our current room. I would sleep in her room when my mom and dad stayed there at times. All those rooms were occupied by other family members as I recall. The night got very quiet and still and the street lights shone down on the black streets. Then in the early morning the street cars would begin rumbling by (there were street car tracks right below the window). Similarly, this morning, very early, the street sweeper truck rumbled down our street. Being an early riser, I was already awake and wide eyed. I don't know how my roommates faired! (I learned that they heard the truck also.)

I enjoyed that little visit with my past.


We say farewell to our delightful hotel

I don't know how this always happens, but whenever I repack the next day it seems I have more to pack. I mean, I bought only small thin bags of tea! Anyway, I was able to cram it all back into my panniers and we got on our way. First stop would be the grocery store for vittles for the day.

No one was willing to carry the watermelon so we had pass that up

We left the store, crossed the road, and wound our way through a small marina and entered the trail that would take us 7.5 miles out of town. Unpaved but very hard packed and easy riding.

I wondered what that structure emitting all that smoke was


Found out it is a working paper mill that was very important to the economy of the area in the 1800 somethngs


Trail becomes forested and adds beauty to the morning


Tunnel is not historic as the sign says built in 2002

Looking at the map last evening, Vickie estimated the ride to be about 40 miles. Ok then, that does not seem at all bad because there do not seem to be many hills. When, at mile 10 I announced we had only about 30 miles to go, Vickie said "or more". Huh?

My friends bring me to the nicest places for lunch

At lunch we had done 21 miles and I said we had gone about half way (since 42 is "or more" than 40). Vickie said "or less". Huh?

I bike for ice cream and the cones Gerry and I had were delicious

We had a nice long ice cream break where we met a young couple of about 23 and 24 years old. They were on their way to Mexico and thought they would be there in about six weeks. It takes youth. They had just spent a few days in the San Juan Islands lulling around and would now beging the trip for real. Nice couple and I am sure they will make it to Mexico.

Our ice cream break came at about mile 28 and was just about the end of what I thought to be "fine" cycling. We soon climbed a long gradual hill for almost 2 miles. This was the biggest hill we would have for the day, and we all did just fine (meaning I did fine, becuase the other two would do just fine all the way). We had a nice loonngg down hill on the other side. The folly of it all -- grind and grind up a gruelling two mile hill to then come freewheeling down on the other side for almost 2 miles.

From here on (around mile 33) the riding was up hills all the way. No big hills but we seemed to never stop climbing something.

Stopped in the middle of climbing for a rest, and had plenty of time to take a photo of this mail box as an excuse for the stop.

Around mile 37 I became "cranky" with all this climbing, and seeing Vickie so very far ahead that at times I could not even see her. She is much stronger at climbing than I am and gets way out there on her own ride, which is fine, but it is nice that Gerry stays back with me. I feel sure Gerry could have kept fairly close to Vickie. It was nice to have the company of Gerry who is always nearby me on our tours.

Vickie zoomed by the trail head to ODT (Olympic Discovery Trail) that Gerry and I saw. We took the trail and met up with Vickie as the road she took joined the trail in less than a mile.

We begin the trail


Took this photo to remember the tribe that has the Casino across the road. This is the start of the ODT

At this point we had now gone 40 miles. The 40 miles I expected to be done with the day's riding. But oh no, more to go.

We entered Sequim and these bike racks charmed me


48.5 miles for the day -- what our friend Kim would call a "bait and switch". When you add almost 9 miles to a 40 mile expectation, and then have lots of climbing for the final 15, it can cause crankiness!! Vickie felt responsible for some reason and I feel bad about that. I told her it was something I had to deal with and get through. I did get through it, as I usually do, and now (the following morning) I look back on the day as being a good day where I met a challenge that did not defeat me even though it tried. I may not be a fast rider, but I do have endurance. ;'-) During the climbing I did not feel tired, just not wanting all that non stop hill climbing.

Three blocks before our hotel we stopped at a diner to have dinner. We all felt that once in our room we may not want to go out to eat! So -- at least everyone had had it -- I was the only one who got cranky.

So here we are in Sequim.

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