Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mini Day 3 Sequim to Victoria BC

Friday September 5, 2014

Two of Vickie's Whidbey Island friends joined us today to ride to Sequim. They prefer not having their photos published, so they will remain mystery people here on the blog. It was fun to meet them and nice to have them join us for this leg of the trip.

Our first challenge this morning was getting ready to leave the motel. Vickie was sure she had her second glove and simply could not find it. She finally resorted to rummaging through her pannier that she had searched earlier when I spotted it. Velcroed to the her butt!! A few minutes later I could not find my second glove until it was pointed out that it was on my hand! Was it just too early for us or had those hills yesterday taken a toll?

Friends arrived and we were then in the saddle for the beginning of the day's adventure. A short distance from our motel was a trailhead for the ODT which would take us all the way to Port Angeles and the ferry to Victoria.

Trailhead at Railroad Bridge Park
The old RR bridge we would cross


We are heading for PA
On that bridge

This trail is fully paved now. Several years ago, the portion that was near to PA was unpaved for several miles. The improvements make for a nice ride even though, once again, we had enough hills so that each of us at one time or another, had to walk a couple of them.

Apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time
We crossed our second bridge of the day

We passed by what seems to be a bicycle graveyard, or bent bike memorial:

Has seen better days
One wheelie too many


Couldn't make the climb

After riding through the forest for most of the trail, we popped out at the waterside as we approached PA.

Looking back at the trail and the beach

Vickie being correct this time, in just about 20 miles we arrived in Port Angeles. We had lunch and snacks with the friends before they put thier bikes on the bus back to Sequim. Having a few hours (like 4) before catching the ferry, we wandered around town a bit on bikes and on foot, and I stopped at the bike shop to top off my tires with air (better to use their floor pump than my small on the bike pump). Good thing too as I was 15-20 pounds low! Then we found our afternoon coffee/tea shop for... you know, coffee and tea.


We arrive -- and will catch the ferry here
Our lunch and rest spot


There is a bit more trail in town, but construction limits it for now



Our third and last bridge of the day
We took the in-town trail as far as it went and crossed the bridge
The active lumber yard was somehow fascinating to watch


This arm picks up and lays down these huge logs like playing pick-up-sticks


Some art work in the middle of town

We finally boarded the ferry for the 90 minute crossing to Victoria.

The misty mountains of Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula


Catching rays


We thought our ferry was a big ship until we saw this cruise ship in Victoria Harbor

We disembarked at near 7:00 p.m. and got quickly through customs to now bke to our hotel. Map in hand, Vickie led us in the right direction where we found a couple of cyclists who helped direct us to the Galloping Goose Trail that would take us there. It was tricky to get across the traffic bridge, around the construction and on to the trail, so we were grateful for the halp. Once on the elusive trail we asked directions one more time to find the street our hotel is on -- another tricky maneuver. Ahhh, we made it, and before dark.

Another full, and wonderful day.


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