Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mini Day #5 Sooke to Sidney BC

Sunday September 7, 2014

Yesterday -- I neglected to post my opportunity to be a "road angel". Riding along the trail I spotted three cyclists looking down at one bike, the one with the panniers on the ground next to it. I stopped to see if they were ok -- they were not quite. Mom and her pre-teen daughter and young teen son were finishing up their first ever tour, and son had a mechanical issue. A bolt on his rear rack had fallen out and he would be unable to carry his panniers any further. They (mom) did not appear to have one tool with her as she asked if I had a hex wrench (that would not help without a replacement bolt). They were at least 20 miles from home in Victoria. I rummaged around in my tool bag to come up with my little bag of screws and bolts and lo, I found one to fit his rack. With my trusty hex wrench I was able to fix them up and they were, after many thank yous, on their way. Feels good to be a road angel.


On to today. This was the first day we started out wearing jackets against a bit of a chilly morning. At breakfast, we had watched some misty, and then thick, fog roll in off the lake. That fog brought some chill with it. Within an hour of cycling we had lost a few feet of elevation and, with the sun, the temp had risen enough for us to then strip those jackets for the day.

We had very few hills -- unless you count those two treacherous ones we walked up (and down)...

Walk down one
Walk up the other side


Keep walking


To the top

By photo, these "dips" do not look nearly as bad as they are. Once past these dips, we cruised fairly easily for the remainder of the day. We stopped at "our lake" -- which by the way is Glen Lake -- for lunch again today. Intriguing was the swimming raft that a couple had attached a small motor to for cruising the lake.

Just like being on your deck at home


Better view of Glen Lake. Our rocks served for lunch setting once more.


Along the way I spotted one I had missed yesterday...

Once near Victoria, we took the trail to Sidney, actually bypassing the city. Now on Lochside Trail

Part trail and part bikeway on surface streets

It has been many years since I have biked this trail -- enough so that I remembered none of it. I do think it has changed some, and there is more actual trail than there was back in the day! When leaving the trail and following along on streets and roads, it is very well marked all the way.

Board walk bridge across a bog
Gerry and Vickie have a chat with Farmer Roy
Nice view from the bridge

The feel of fall was there as we passed farmland and animals. I realized that summer is my very favorite season, and fall is a very close second. I love the colors and the crisping feel of the air requiring still, only light outerwear.

By the time we were within ten miles of our destination, we (mainly I, it turns out) were in need of a tea and crumpet stop. We spotted the only one along this way and were not even sure there would be any as the sign indicated it was a Market. All those other bikes parked around every corner led us to believe it was more than a market, and we were correct. There was "Adrienne's Tea Shop" which was much more than that. All day we have seen many more cyclists than yesterday, but this place was the motherlode. It seems the place for families to bring their young cyclists for an ice cream stop, as well as to get their own espresso. Rather refreshing as well to see folks riding bikes for fun and not as in a race or mimicking racers (we saw lots adn lots of those too). Many dressed in normal clothing (no tight skinned shorts, racing shirts or special shoes), and all smiling and having a grand time.

Back on the road we had a few of those signs of fall...

Pumpkin fields add such color to the day

I wondered if this next "farm" was where they grow "caution, keep out" signs..

Maybe this was to keep out birds of prey from the ranging chickens? Seems a better explanation.

I take pictures of cows and sheep and horses and alpaca, but seldom do I see a pig...

Being the pig that she is, she nuzzled this chicken out of the way and started to graze her area
Big girl. Could use a bath says Vickie

And then we were entering Sidney...

Way over there is a slight view of Mount Baker


The ferry that will be coming in to fetch us tomorrow

This would be our final cycling day, and at dinner we did some dreaming about next year and perhaps a longer trip -- mayby two weeks? It is hard to end a nice trip like this, but I am ready for home, and I think my cycling buddies are as well.

Tomorrow we will be on the ferry heading to Anacortes and home.


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