Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Roundup of 2014 "teaneuring"

Here is a summary in photos of my 14 teaneuring stops for the fourth "Coffeeneuring Challenge 2104". To see any and all details -- scroll down the blog to the "Coffeeneuring" title under October posts.

#1 SNOHOMISH FITNESS CENTER -- Snohomish, WA 10/6/2014

#2 WITHOUT WALLS AT RED BARN -- Bryant, WA 10/8/2014

#3 STAR MINI MART -- Perrinville, WA 10/12/2014

#4 SNOHOMISH SENIOR CENTER -- Snohomish, WA 10/13/2014

#5 WITHOUT WALLS -- The Farm Pumpkin Patch -- Snohomish, WA

#6 PIROSHKY'S BAKERY & CREPES -- Everett, WA 10/20/2014

#7 WHIDBEY COFFEE KIOSK -- Mukilteo, WA 10/26/2014

#8 SEAS THE DAY -- Everett, WA 10/27/2014

#9 FROST -- Mill Creek, WA 11/2/2014

#10 UNDER THE RED UMBRELLA -- Everett, WA 11/7/2014

#11 CORNER COFFEE BAR & CAFE -- Perrinville, WA 11/8/2014

#12 PEET'S COFFEE & TEA -- Redmond, WA 11/10/2014

#13 RED CUP CAFE -- Mukilteo, WA 11/15/2014

#14 THE FRENCH BAKERY -- Everett WA 11/16/2014

A few words of recap:

I loved this challenge and will surely do it again next year. And in fact, will make a tea run periodically if and when I am having difficulty getting out there for a ride (as in these past two COLD mornings). I do like to have a goal and a destination, and a tea ride will serve as a motivator for me.

The challenge got me out and riding even on not such good weather days (a few drizzly ones), but surprisingly the weather has been very good to me these weeks. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Fall weather normally brings a lot of rain. We have definitely had our share of rain, but I squeaked in between most of those days with a sunny ride.

With this year's rule for retirees allowing any two days for the ride, I added to my challenge to do two (the max allowed by rule) a week and get 14 rather than the required 7.

Coffee drinkers have the added pleasure of latte art! Before now I did not know there even was such a thing, and have enjoyed seeing photos of the different creative art by foam! (Makes one almost want to become a coffee drinker!). Also, since these are mainly "coffee shops", there are usually quality drinks as part of the selection. We tea drinkers do not get "tea art" in any form, and the quality of tea is not as often top notch.

My top two tea places that I visited during this challenge are First Place: Piroshky's Bakery and Crepes and Second Place: Peet's Coffee & Tea. These were the only two places that served loose leaf tea. I have at least one that I did not visit this time to add to my list for near future trips. I would give Third Place to Corner Coffee Bar & Cafe as they have Republic of Tea. Although this is tea in a "bag", it is decent tea, better than Stash or Lipton. Problem for me was that they did not have an unflavored Green Tea for my taste.

Some of the shops and cafes were fairly close by, but I added miles simply because. Consequently I amassed about 333 miles during this seven week challenge. I rode solo for ten of the fourteen trips; did two trips by adding miles after a ride with friends; and did two trips as part of a ride with friends.

Can hardly wait for Coffeeneuring 2015! In the mean time I will be looking for the start of Errandannee in the Spring. Thank you "Queen Mary" Geremalena for coordinating, tracking and hosting this challenge.


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