Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bill is always full of ideas for play, activities and projects. This day is no different. He has brought a project and supplies for each of us to make our very own "survival bracelet", and this morning he is "practicing" with his jig so to be able to lead us through it.

Good morning Billy -- Happy Thanksgiving
The intricacies of our upcoming project

And I chose to be the first to make mine.

And here is how one can survive by using these handy bracelets...

After a bit of crafting, we were called to Mary and Phil's unit at the other end of our building for pancakes, bacon and eggs ala "chef extraordinaire" Phil. Yum. Many of us felt a need for some movement after this scrumptious breakfast and each set out at our own time on our own excrusions.

Susan and I walked to the big tree where we had played with the kids this past June.

Susan dons her sou'wester agains the windy spray from the sea
Rough ocean waves rush to shore


The beached tree that everyone loves to play on. James Island in the background
Same tree this past June


Winter storms carry huge tree trunks to the shore by the cabins.

And soon -- after some rest and Mary getting her bracelet complete... it was time for, you know, Thanksgiving dinner.

Mary being very precise in bracelet making


People gathered

Hard to believe that we could have such a feast prepared in such a small kitchen and working space. But a feast it was.

Early evening came before we knew it and Bill was on the hunt for the ("most important of the year") Seahawks game. He will try the bar and grill in Forks first to see if it is open, if not he will drive -- maybe even the hour and a half back to Port Angeles. He is that determined, and that much of a fan. Susan, Jenny and Laurent may go with him. I will stay dry and cozy curled up with my book on this windy and cold night.


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  1. So fun! Looks like an awesome day. We missed you all but had a wonderful day ourselves. We have Thanksgiving #2 cooking now and are decorating for Christmas!