Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time on the Beach and time in the Saddle

Friday, November 28, 2014

Most of us geared up for a drive to Rialto Beach and a hike toward Hole in the Wall, a natural sea arch covered by surf and wind. No rain this morning and we had sun peeking through the clouds for much of the day, so outdoor activity was more fun than when fighting the pelting weather yesterday.

Jim, Susan and Mary seeing something out in ocean
Mary returns some of the debris back to the sea

The surf was wild and the waves were big and powerful. We were there at high tide, we thought, but apparently the tide was still coming in on our return hike. Dodging the pounding surf became a side activity! We were privvy to some spectacular scenery along the Olympic wilderness beach: the sea stacks, the GIANT logs strewn about the beach, the windswept stones and rocks lining our walk. All evidence of just how powerful that surf and wind are.

Sea stacks in the distance

I turned around at the big (huge) tree trunk "bridge" that crossed Ellen Creek (this time of year, more of a river) as I must pick and choose my activity to avoid aggravating my back issues, and falling would not be a good thing. The others did cross the river and only two fell! I was apparently smart to not walk the slippery plank! Several of them did make it to the Hole in the Wall, and apparently it isn't all that exciting so I don't feel I missed much by retracing the beach back to get on my bike. I have Susan to thank for suggesting I take along my bike gear this morning and bike back to the hotel.

They explore how to cross this river. The huge tree trunk is behind me and there they must cross the slippery plank.


My ride back was delightful with very few cars, only one climb, and more sun to warm up the day. And though the distance was relatively short, it was just enough after my two mile walk in the sand.

Quileute Land
A bike stop
View from a bridge crossing by bike
Amazing what some people will do to entertain us with yard art. These are old motorized bikes of sorts.
Once everyone made it back "home", there was a little kite flying out on the windy beach.
Amazing what some people will do to entertain us with yard art. These are old motorized bikes of sorts.
A view of Bill's kite, taken from our oceanside porch.

And then of course the eating of leftover T-Day food with a choice of three different soup offerings. A fine repast and time together for table games, reading and relaxing to end our fine weekend at the sea. We will pack up and head home tomorrow, hoping that the forecasted snow will not hinder our drive! Snow? That's what they say.

Until next time, thanks for joining me on this adventure.


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