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Nancy Cycles!
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Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 -- a mixed bag

February 2, 2015

The month of January started out quite well -- then I got sick, then ---- the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl game ;'-(


January has indeed been a "mixed bag". My back/legs/sciatica issues have been up and down all month, and the minute I think I am oh so near being mended, pain strikes again! I am at least 80% (most of the time) better than I was a year ago, but at times my activities (especially walking) are curtailed by pain for the time being. I have been enjoying my 30 Day "Yoga With Adriene" Challenge youtube series. I must adjust some poses and back off from doing a few, but overall I think it has been good for me.

I did get in a few bike rides for January, but due to some weather, (and later some illness) there have not been nearly the number I would have liked for this month. We have been fairly warm, but have had our share of rain and a few storms that have blown around quite a few of our big trees and left some people without power. An interesting note here is that on the morning of the BIG GAME (the one for the championship in order to go to the Super Bowl) between Seattle and Green Bay, some people were without power. The newscasters said that the utility companies were hard at work in attempt to have power restored in time for the kickoff!!! Do you think Seattle is Seahawks crazed??

We (Rainbow Riders group) had our annual January 1st bike ride (we call it FROSTY- First Ride Out Starting The Year), and it was fairly cold. A clear day but, well, frosty in places. No one complained or seemed to mind as we were all bundled pretty well and simply pleased to be out in the saddle on this first day of the year. There were a few cold feet along the way, but we try to be prepared for that and carry extra toe (and hand for that matter) warmers -- you know, those little packets that once shaken provide heat to cold parts. The ride is always somewhat short (14 miles this year) and we end up back at our hosts house for food, drink, and socializing. It was a grand day as it usually is.

Part of the ride was on the Centennial Trail. The trail winds through a bit of "swamp", for lack of a better word, and along the way we passed some frozen "bogs". It made for a beautiful setting, but you can see how cold it must be.

Another ride I did was with my friends Vickie and Gerry/ It took us from Seattle area to the well used Burke-Gilman Trail. Another sunny day with all blue sky.

This pedestrian/bike bridge took us across the interstate (I-5) highway and I thought it quite pituresgue.

As we cycled along the B-G trail toward the finish of our loop, we passed by this "creation". It was so interesting to think that someone took the time to create a gnome home in the root base of this fallen down tree.

The Gnome Home

I did a few other rides, mostly solo around my neighborhood and there was one more for the month that V&G and I did. We made our loop from outskirts of Everett, along the river and into downtown for views of the harbor and a tea and crumpet stop. Along the way I finally got a photo of this place:

I would pass by this house almost everyday on my way to work.

In addition to my yoga practice and bike riding this month, I have been fortunate to have a number of dear, dear friends that I get together with for a variety of activities: movies (saw "Wild" with Pat, and "Selma with Bill); theatre (Mary Poppins with Diane and Sue); a new tea house (found with Lynne. I need to get a photo of it as it is so cool and puts you in mind of perhaps being in an English tea house); loving and valuable family and play time (Susan, kids and grandkids), and lunch or breakfast periodically at some favorite haunts.

The month ended on a less than stellar note as I continue to work my way through a rather awful illness. I have had a viral infection that attacked my chest and airway. It was brutal at the beginning and the violent coughing caused me to have three episodes of not being able to breathe, and a visit to the ER. I continue on the road to recovery as I write this post. (Susan has been outstanding in care and support).

As I say -- a mixed bag.

I hope to be doing a bit more riding in February, and also will be going to San Diego for a week visit with Sheri who moved there several years ago. More about all the February stuff in my February post, as I have a plan to keep my blog a bit more current (at least) this year by posting something each month ;'-)





  1. Great post Gram! Love the picture of the bridge over I-5, the shot looks really cool. The grandkids are missing you even though you have seen them for the games. Hugs and kisses!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I always miss those grands as well! I will work at getting over this crud and then make a plan for a visit. Love to all of you.