Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Friday, April 3, 2015

March 2015 -- Spring Sprang

March 2015

Spring did indeed come early to the Pacific Northwest.

Volunteer pansies push through the cracks in this warm weather
Early March and the fruit trees bloom

Shortly after this photo we had a heavy rain and windstorm and those beautiful blossoms became detritus on the sidewalks and in the streets. We will have more a little later in the month though.

Part of many highlights in my month (Friday the 13th had its own entry) was to spend some time with the grands at the local gymnasium during free time where, with our supervision, they could run and play on all the equipment.

Trampoline time is a hit


Jaydon returns blocks while running on the soft, cushy track
Lucy does her part in putting things back where they belong

Sarah got herself a new bicycle so to keep up with her children! We all gathered together for a trial ride to the elementary school where Jaydon will potentially attend kindergarten. We had quite a wonderful family outing with Lucy on her no pedal bike, Jaydon in the lead on his bike and Kaitlyn in the chariot.

Healthy family said the neighbor guy as we rode off
Kaitlyn your chariot awaits
Which way?????


Jaydon and I got to ride across country
finally ...

As I keep repeating, I am lucky to not only have a fantastic family, but fantastic friends as well. I did several bike rides with friends and include only two. Our mild winter weather has presented many fine days for bike riding. B-A, Dorothy and I rode the north end of the Centennial Trail and enjoyed a sunny day as well as a picnic lunch at the half way point (the red barn).



Dorothy plays the bells in her church music group, so was right at home with music
B-A tries her hand at the drums
B-A then performs admirably on the xylophone
And of course we had to have a duet
Vickie and Gerry and I met up at the ferry landing and rode into Everett in a reverse route from what we often ride. Here we see that spring is still blooming.
A tree in my neighborhood blooms a bit after the other that lost its flower
Along Grand Ave.


At the foot of the tree


We are also part of history here on Grand
They take me to the best spots for tea and crumpets
The view to the other side of us


The cultural side of me got fed well this month as well.

Three movies -- "McFarland, USA" with Pat. This was great movie that we did so enjoy; "The Second Best Marigold Hotel" with Bill. We had each seen the First Best, and this one by comparison did not "do it". It was a so-so movie but the first was much better; "Monuments Men" at the communitiy center with B-A and Kathy. A great movie that I could easily watch again.

Theatre with Diane and Sue -- "Around the World in 80 Days". We did not find this entertaining and it seemed to boringly drag along, so we left at intermission. We had however, enjoyed dinner together before the play -- and that was the most important part of the evening anyway ;'-), sharing time and laughs together.

The "Pompeii Exhibition" with Diane and Lynne. The plaster and plastic casted molds are truly moving and difinitely give the feel of what it must have been like during the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 72 A.D.

This poster says California, but it was here in Seattle for our enjoyment



Warrior wear

An additional highlight after the exhibit was lunch at the Space Needle.

Bill invited me to join him for the Men's Chorus. It was rather a solemn event as the first part of the performance was a tribute to 18 year old Tyler who died by suicide after being outed by a cyber bully in his freshman year at Rutgers. Such a very sad and unnecessary end to a vibrant young man. Tyler's mom and brother were there and she gave a speech before the performance about Tyler and about the need to bring his story to the world in hopes of educating and putting a stop to such bigotry. One would think, in this day, that would not be necessary -- but...


The second part of the performance was in dedication for Harvey Milk who in 1978 was shot and killed in San Francisco. He was the first gay person to enter into any public office, and was serving as city commissioner, fighting for the rights of all and any who were marginalized in the main stream of society. At that time gays were the major focus of such discrimination, demoralization, and hate. Thanks to Harvey Milk for opening the way to more public figures to successfully fight for us. Once again, one would think, by now, we would not have to keep up the "fight", but ... look at Indiana ... and potentially Arkansas ... states that refuse to call it what it is (discrimination), as they refuse service to or recognition of certain people (for now, gay) under the guise of religious freedom. I won't go on here except to say that my religious friends have none of this bigotry or hate in their religious, God-loving hearts. (I am a bit riled up about this, as many are, and the sadness of the recognition for Tyler and Harvey in these two performances have brought out some wrath as well as deep emotions.)

I will let that be the end of my post for March, 2015



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