Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday 6/20/15

Flyfishing lessons, swimming, biking (in a rainstorm with two wrong turns), and s'mores

All of Susan's family line are very active and love the outdoors. Cousin Sally arranged for professional fly fishing instructors to come give lessons.


There was a knot tying lesson
All students practice casting


Jay gives it his first effort
Jay gives it his first effort
Rich is getting the hang of it
Matt thinks about it first


Caroilina (Matt's wife) gets a private lesson


Michael (Matt's brother) knows he can do it


They are all aiming to get their line inside these rings


Becoming fly fishing pros

This was a well liked activity and everyone improved their skills for a fly fishing outing. But unfortunately the river that was planned for the outing is "blown out" by all the rain and storms they have had. The actual fly fishilng will have to wait until another visit.

In the mean time there was water works -- Jaydon and Lucy got some wading time with Charlie (the dog) before boarding the paddle boat for a trip across the lake.

Jaydon plays with Charlie
Lucy wades to shore


Jessica and Uncle Bill man the helm
Bon Voyage

Then there was swimming for just about everyone. I will have to wait for photos from Sarah's camera as it is not possible to take pictures when you are swimming. We all had a fun time, and the grands are getting more and more comfortable in the water.

There is a low dock and an upper deck -- Jaydon (with life jacket on) learned that he loves jumping off the high deck
Sally and Rich's house from the lake side


Jaydon jumps from the high deck
Kaitlyn enjoys Uncle Bill and Mom

Kaitlyn enjoys Uncle Bill and Mom
Jessica takes an afternoon paddle
Swimming at night
Swimming at night
Moon over Lake James
Swimming at night
Today it was time for my bike ride. The bike route around a part of the lake is 20 miles said someone, and just keep taking right turns whenever you come to a major road. I did this route the last time we were here (in 2012), but had not remembered much about it. It is a nice ride through some forested areas, views of the lake, and some nice farmland. This year, unlike the last time, I was the only one to opt for a bike ride. It gave me opportunity to stop for a few photos.
Swimming at night
Nice sunny day with some tailwind
I love old barns
Lots of rock work went into this wall


Came upon this rock building a little down the road

Seems this building was in the middle of the corral, and one of the horses came to greet me

About half way into my ride, it started to lightly rain. Felt good in this muggy heat. Gradually the light rain became a torrential downpour. That was still ok until I heard thunder and knew lightning was potentially near by. By the time I found the only place to duck into I was totally drenched!


There is more than one use for a church

My bike and I huddled in the archway away from any lightning
Then my bike, without my knowing it, joined the prayer circle for a safe trip home.


Shortly after my refuge at the church, Sally and Susan showed up in the van to check on me in this storm. By then the rain had lightened and I opted to continue riding. They no sooner left me than the sky opened up and poured on me again. They were waiting at the corner store to see if I was still ok to ride -- yes I was. Luckily they did make that stop as I blithely continued on straight ahead -- missing that right turn at the store! They caught up with me to make the correction or else I would have been in the next town over! Of course the return to the correct turn was a mile UP hill!

Now on the right path I continued across few bridges with lake views and realized that I did not know where I was. I had missed that right turn. Had I only known the name of the road I would not have gotten "lost". Back up another hill to connect the the right right turn -- now a left turn. Finally got home and almost dry, with the 20 mile route being 24 miles with more hills than bargained for.

Showered and dressed and rested, it was time for delightful dinner and about 20 of us gathered around two tables. Then Michael fixed special s'mores -- his are made with peanut butter as well as chocolate and marshmallows. Those calories I burned today have been re-established.


Carol does some of her magic for dinner
Sally heads in off the porch to help mom with dinner
Uncle Bill & Jaydon enjoy a soak in the hot tub. There is not much that uncle Bill will not do for Jaydon!
Susan cannot resist giving one more knot tying lesson to cousins Sally & Jay
Sally the dental hygienist gets precise instruction
Lucy adores Gavin, the newest addition to the clan (Matt & Carolina's baby)


Michael prepares and serves his well received peanut butter s'mores.

Another full day!

The grands and and their parents fly home tomorrow, Sally's family goes off to a christening for Gavin, and Susan and I will take a sightseeing trip to Asheville.




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