Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2015

Elk Creek Resort --- Campground --- Fish Camp -- that's it, Fish Camp

Susan and several women from Casting for Recovery have had this fishing weekend planned for months. Hot weather and some other commitments had some (many) of the women cancel out. So then there were four until one went home after the first day due to the heat and then there were three (we do not count me).

To be fair, it is a bit more than a Fish Camp as there are cabins, RV spots and a tenting area. But -- it is dusty and dry and the wasps have been swarming us relentlessly. Thank goodness for our screen tent. Susan and I came here about four years ago and at that time I was more intrigued to take a ton of photos of all the old farm things and western stuff. This time not so much. So -- not much in photos.


Where we all gathered for each meal and social time to shield us against the wasps.




One of many old vehicles strew about


Sign of the west


On our second full day here, the three fisherwomen went ... fishing. The river that this camp is directly on is too low so off they went in Daneen's jeep to explore and find several fishing holes. They traversed treacherous ground before coming to a lake none of them had known about. And they each had success in catching several fish. Decent size brook trout that -- of course they released.


The hidden lake with many fish

I got to take a bike ride ;'-)


On the Mather Memorial Parkway (Route 410)


Mountains surround us


Nice scenery on a bike ride

My plan was to ride a bit further than I did, but the shoulder ran out to become just the white fog line, the road became winding, and the traffic, that included many large RVs, picked up. That inclined me to turn around a little earlier than planned but it was a good thing as the temps were rising to the 90s and I was hungry! Once the fisherwomen returned near dinner time, we got ourselves spruced up and went for pizza and beer/root beer at a nearby Brewery.

Susan's two fishing buddies left for home the following morning (today actually). We thought they would join us on our exploration of Boulder Cave, but we ended up going on this adventure ourselves. The two mile round trip hike was on soft trail and had only a little bit of incline. We had not known that this is a bat cave, so were warned by signage to be quiet while in the cave. And I had to shush a couple of loud people. In the winter season the cave is closed to visitation.



Looking down at the canyon. Look closely in the right hand third of the photo and see a person way down there.


I first thought this was the cave. I was refusing to scramble to it.


There was a much bigger cave and in we go


Light at the end of the tunnel


Exit tunnel. It was too dark inside (we had our headlamps) to take any photos -- and not much to take a photo of.


Climb out and back onto the trail to return



Meet Sage (Susan named her) who joined us at trailside at the very start. She will now be my bike mascot

We returned to our empty camp. It is always a little sad to me to be the last ones left at camp for another day while the others have checked out. I miss the camaraderie, some commotion and simple activity happening. Same today. Susan and I relaxed, read a little, will play a little rummi kub and have dinner and then start thinking about our morning departure for home. And now it has clouded up, the wind is picking up and it looks like rain.

So not to think we are suffering, here is an idea of how we are "glamping" (glamorous camping):


If we want electricity we just plug into a tree


Tea and crumpet time includes loose leaf tea


Well, just who does not take a microwave camping?


This will end my posts for this adventure. We head home tomorrow.


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