Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Catching Up #2 (January & February 2016)

Now at least, I am in the current year!

We always start out the year with a New Year's Day Rainbow Ride led hosted by the Ks. It is our "FROSTY" ride (First Ride Out Starting The Year).


Seems this year that the ride is appropriately named as we pass the frost along the Interurban Trail


The ride brings us to an Alpaca Farm


And they get up close and personal
Can you find the duck in the icy pond?
My "stick bird" photo (or tree bird) is out of place but I have no place else to put it. I was on one of my solo rides in our neighborhood and found this bird.
And they get up close and personal


There were a few indoor activities to enjoy in January as well.

We got to see Lucy perform in her first gymnastics exhibition.


Lucy on the far left. Mom is always telling her to raise her arms up high when she finishes a move.


Getting ready for a tumble!


Another indoor activity was a trip with the Senior Center that my friend B-A and I took. We toured behind the scenes at the Issaquah Theatre. Very interesting.


The Stage is set for an upcoming show


As we walk through the bowels of down under we see some directives for the staff


This is underneath the stage in the music pit.


A lot of electronics and other gear are kept in this room



Upstairs we go into the wardrobe room


Walls all around are lined with shelves like these with shoes, belts, ties, and any other accessory you can think of


There are the wig shelves


Our guide tells us all about wigs an wig makers -- it is quite complex

I also got to spend part of a day with Lucy (and Kaitlyn too but she was napping most of the time) as Sarah visited Jaydon's school for their Valentine's Day party.

We read stories and did art projects and Lucy was so pleased to have me one on one without her brother and sister!



Kaitlyn woke from her nap just at the end of our time together and the arrival of Mom and brother.

More outdoor fun yet..

As I was waiting for the ferry to bring me to Whidbey Island for a (hilly!) ride with Vickie, what should arrive but an Aid Car!


A little worrisome to see this when you are about to board the ferry


Backed all the way down the runway to the ferry

Turns out that a ferry worker had an "episode" and I have no idea what it was. They did wheel him on a stretcher back up the runway and he was sitting up and looked ok. Whatever it was he could not work, and with one staff person down, federal regulations do not allow the ferry to take passengers. I had to wait for the next ferry -- which was only about 20-25 minutes. But wouldn't you know it would MY ferry!

Also had a couple more rides in February.


Not as clear in the flesh, but this was a very interesting cloud formation


Mural in the town of Arlington


Couldn't resist this "double" fence reflection


As we arrived in the parking lot to unload bikes

B-A and I joined Cindy on one of her rides and so enjoyed the sunshine that we could not resist being Grass Angels...

The last ride for February was for Kristin's birthday. Kristi laid out a scavenger hunt course and put us in teams to ride around town to find stuff. The only photos I have that are worth posting are of Lucy at the Library reader and in front of the Opera House, two of our clues.



G'ma pulling Lucy in the WeeHoo


Phew -- a busy month.

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