Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Errandonnee 2016: #11; 12 and bonus 13

The calm before the storm! Today we would (could) get lots of rain in the afternoon, and tomorrow is predicted to bring "dangerous" wind storms (again!). I took advantage of this dry looking morning and roped Susan into running my last errands with me. The carrot that persuaded her was that we could go out to breakfast as one of my errands! That got her.

Errand #11 -- recycle some electronics. File under Wildcard (#2)


We would take this defunct printer, broken phone and a few smaller items for disposal


Everything fit into the trailer that Susan had assembled a couple of years ago



Into the dumpster it all goes

The trailer has the same fitting as do our travel suitcases for the Bike Fridays. So I hooked her up and loaded her with the old electronics. I was so pleased to finally get this stuff out of our garage and to their rightful resting place

I learned that pulling the trailer, even loaded, is quite easy, but one must be aware of taking corners too sharply so not to have the trailer wheel catch the curb and tip over. Ask me how I know ;'-).

Errand #12 -- Breakfast at the cafe. File under Social (#1)


They serve only breakfast and lunch here



We opted for the "full" rather than "half" omlets so to have some to take home for lunch.

This is a local cafe and they do a great business as we witnessed in the waiting line! As we were discussing this very fact, in walked people I know -- my past supervisor and his wife. I almost never meet someone I know when I am out and about. Then Susan met one of her students who is working at the cafe. Susan often runs into a current or past student wherever we seem to go.

I learned that it is difficult to back up the trailer to maneuver it out of a tight spot. Susan helped me get it on the road again after our breakfast feast. I also learned (though I basically already knew this) that a full breakfast at this cafe makes two meals!

Errand #13 -- a bonus errand. The Estate Sale. I would say file this under Entertainment!


A find!


An empty trailer could have held a lot of "finds", but one was plenty!

We did end up aborting an errand. We had coupons that we wanted to redeem so biked down the hill with a tailwind to learn that we were at the wrong place!

So -- we rode back up the hill and into the headwind. I guess (maybe) we have learned to read the coupons better next time. But -- I for one was happy for the miles. I don't often get Susan to join me on a ride, but once she does, she often enjoys the outing. Wherever it was that she wanted to go --- I simply followed, happy to be out riding.

Miles for these two errands -- 9.5


I will do a "review page" (coming soon) for our challenge leader so she will all 12 in one place.

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