Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

People of Richland

Wednesday May 11, 2016

For me, today is all about the people.

But first things first...

Yesterday, a little more than a mile from our motel, Vickie noticed that her front tire was "squishy". She chanced that it was a slow enough leak to simply pump and go, and deal with changing the tube later. Her luck held, and we got home fine. This morning...


Before heading out for our ride it was tube changing time

Having used her spare tube, Vickie wanted to buy a couple of spares just in case she ran into (or over) any more of those goat head thorns. So we rode to the nearest bike shop...

We got here at 10ish, but by 10:05 we gave up waiting for them to open

There is another bike shop about a mile away so we took off for there. What a good decision, and better choice. TC's Bike Shop is about a third of the size of Greenie's, and as often is the case, a much friendlier place.


Tim (the T, and owner) lubed my chain with the he lube I bought from him. Cody (the C and I think son of T) helped Vickie with tubes and other items.

Cody took a lot of time with Vickie to point out where to ride once we were at the end of the trail, and they both were as helpful as could possibly be. This was a very different experience from our time in Greenie's.


Old bike Tim had found leaning against a barn in Walla Walla

Geared up with new tubes and a lubed chain, we were now ready to ride! Our route was to ride to the Richland end of the trail, thus covering the entire trail.


Richland way off to the right

We had actually biked the whole loop shown on the map yesterday. There is more trail that is not shown here that travels through some of Richland, and we would wander the streets at the end of the trail.

Today's ride was quite different from yesterday. The trail did not go along the river quite as much, and instead brought us through parks, neighborhoods and some business districts. At one of our turns, we came upon Naomi's. There is no way to take a photo that could show the extent of this woman's work. The photos show bits and pieces of the vast display.







Naomi and her mom, Ellen

Naomi welcomed us to browse around, take photos and stay as long as we wanted. Ellen lives in Spokane and Naomi fetches her every Mother's Day to bring her here to help with the spring planting (they had tons of flats of flowers waiting in the wings). She drives Ellen back to her home after planting then fetches her again in October to come help put everything to sleep! Ellen is 92 years old but you would never know it. She strolled with us around some of the grounds, and into the home garden and back yard areas for more views and told us stories of Naomi's hobby. There was never a hesitation to search for words, no hearing issues, and mobility was outstanding. This place, and the two women, were a true highlight for us on this trip.

Continued on, we skirted part of WSC (Washington State College) extension campus.



The route took us toward Hanford and the closed gate before we turned around and continued our ride though dry countryside and industrial areas. There were several large technical campuses in the area, and Vickie was running low on water with no apparent place to refill. She took us into a parking lot of ATI (we learned it to be Allegheny Technical Industries) to see if there may be a water fountain available. Once we found you needed a badge to get in, we started to leave when a handsome gentleman in running attire came out the door and offered for us to come in and water up! I am so sorry that I neglected to get his name and a photo as he was our road angel today. He is the manager of ATI who came here two years ago from Pennsylvania (hence the name of the place) and told us they make titanium at the plant and seems very proud of his work and of ATI.

Onward we cycled and came to the monument for USS Triton.


USS Triton Sail Park



The Mini Mart sign was a welcome site -- Gatorade for Vickie, and ice cream bar for me! It had not been unbearably hot, and in fact we were quite comfortable on our ride, but we were dry and I was in need of an ice cream.

We were now on side streets and off the trail, and with no help from the map, we found Canal Drive which was devoid of all traffic as it paralleled a main highway.


Not a car to be had


Many light green trees that I do not know the name of.

Soon it was early afternoon and we had not had lunch!! (Ice cream does not count). The coffee shop showed up in the nick of time.


As we sat, ate and chatted, the subject of age came into the conversation and this young man (eavesdropping I guess) looked at me and said -- no way do you look like 75! You look really good. AND he said I have beautiful blue eyes that he really likes!! Of course -- I needed his picture..


Shay was just hanging out here at the coffee shop.

Until that conversation, Shay didn't appear to be paying any attention to us and in no way was he intrusive. And I don't think he was high ;'-).

Our day's adventure finished with some meandering around some neighborhoods near our hotel, and we had to get on the trail to ride that one mile we had missed by starting from near the bike shop rather than our motel.

I got in my second evening of a dip in the pool and some time in the hot tub --- all to myself! Glorious!

So ends our mini adventure in eastern Washington. We head home tomorrow.

(Were you counting? Six wonderful people today ;'-)).

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


PART 2 Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We pried ourselves away from ogling those cable climbers (we were in awe) to continue along the trail. We would be back to this bridge, that the map warned us had a narrow "curb lane and fast moving traffic", after our visit to the museum. We would have plenty of time to think and fret about that narrow curb lane. And that fast moving traffic.


For those who didn't know, or forgot that "Pompy" was Sacagawea's son William Clark...

These "Pompy's Lessons" plaques were placed all along the trail, but this is the only one we stopped to read. Apparently they each and all contain lots of bits of history.


Sacagawea Museum, Pasco WA



Almost hard to believe that this happened a mere 200 years ago. Just does not seem that long ago.




We spent a good amount of time looking around in the museum, chatted with the staff members who allowed us use of their restroom (there were no public ones in view) and to fill up our water supply from their water jug. Time to move on toward that narrow curb lane with fast moving traffic on the bridge.


Tumble weed sighting


The map apparently need updating. No narrow curb lane. Fretting for nothing.

At the end of the bridge we entered Kennewick and took the road to Clover Island where we would have lunch at the Brewery. We had met a couple bicycling on the trail, and since I was fretting about the narrow curb lane (how surprising), I stopped to ask them about it. They did not recall that it was a bad crossing, but had not ridden it in a long time. They did tell us about the Brewery as a good place to have lunch. The burgers and fresh grilled asparagus were very good.


Fish bike rack on Clover Island

With still quite a few miles yet to go to get "home", we felt the need for our tea and crumpet search. Well, latte for Vickie. We inadvertently took a wrongish turn and left the trail prematurely. But we found our way and lo! There was a coffee shop waiting for us.

Ending up on back roads into town and on to our hotel, we enjoyed the alternate route we had found.

What a fantastic day -- sunny, not too hot, a cooling breeze when it was hot, long miles that neither of us suffered for, and long daylight hours to finish it all.

Breakfast in Richland, Snack in Pasco, Lunch in Kennewick

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Definitely a full day!

We loaded our gear, checked our map and got some friendly advice from Jim...


Almost ready to roll out.


Then Jim saw us and came to chat

Jim is the owner of the Sterling Restaurant which is right next door to our hotel. There are actually three Sterling Restaurants in town that he owns. He was out there helping the workers who were breaking ground and beginning construction on a new, bigger building that he says will be ready by the end of August.

Jim saw our bikes and came to talk about riding as he too is a cyclist. He went over the map with us and told us which bridge to ride across the river on our return and other little tips about the trail. He spent a good amount of time with us and wished us a great day.


The marker of our beginning of the trail near the hotel and Sterling's


Not far along the trail was the Sternwheeler that takes passengers up (or is that down) the Columbia for a week long trip to Portland, OR

Tis the season for little goslings and we saw many many as we cycled along the trail. They were on the water, next to the water, on the lawns feeding, along the shoreline and anywhere one looked.


A couple of families on an outing

Vickie knows when to stop for my photo taking obsession, so was sure to not pass up this one by the marina. There were new and very nice homes along this stretch of the trail.



We crossed the first bridge over the Columbia to Pasco. There is a wide, protected bike/pedestrian lane that made if fret-free. Plus, we were the only ones on the trail.


From fine homes and expensive yachts, we transitioned to farm land and open spaces.


This is the most sway backed horse I have ever seen


He wandered over to get what he was sure was at least an apple, and brayed loudly when we walked away and left no treat.


Goats across the way needed some attention too.

Leaving the farm animals behind we came to more neighborhoods and passed by the local high school.


This was Tuesday morning at about 10:30 and everyone was at an event on the field.


Special Olympics competing going on with the entire student body to cheer them.


This mailbox photo is for my friend Linda H.

We soon approached the Cable Bridge that we would return on across the Columbia. But what we came upon was most interesting.


This part of the trail is on the Pasco side and Vickie is right to feel there could be a guard rail along here. There was a drop on either side.


We glimpse the Cable Bridge


And there are specks up there in the rigging.





Death defying I say!

This finished only the first third of our day! I'm going to break it into two parts and take a rest!