Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, August 21, 2016

An interlude to our 2016 retirement trip

I have been so remiss in the keeping of this blog, it is impossible to get "caught up". However I want to post some photos of our adventures with the Grands, and photos of a few other adventures I have had.

During Susan and Jaydon's spring break we took the two older grands camping at Birch Bay for a couple of nights. It's a great place to take them as there is a nice bike ride to ice cream. Unfortunately, this time the ice cream store was not yet open for the season. We rode to lunch instead.

We got more riding and activities into the few days we had.


Getting buckled into helmets before getting on the bikes


Getting to the playground and dropping bikes for swings and play stuff


Sarah came up for the last day and brought Kaitlyn to join in on the adventures

I took a bit of a ride on my own through the town of Birch Bay while the others played at the beach.


Eagle spotting!


Scene at the Bay in town

Other outings I have had have been with wonderful friends -- some on bike rides.


My friend John D (who is a train enthusiast) rode the northern end of the Centennial Trail -- and lo! There came a train.


Dorothy, Bette-Ann, Nancy, Linda, Brenda -- a great ride on the Burke Gilman Trail where we spotted 3 eagles


Right across from where we stood -- 3 eagles posing for us.

For the first time, Iearned about the lavender farm that is just off the Sammamish River Trail.


Through the lavender farm


Heading for some lavender lemonade and lavender ice cream.


Nice setting on the trail on the way to lavender


Another day, Cindy led us on a ride that came upon a lemonade stand we could not pass up.

I lead rides occasionally for the senior rides out of Lynnwood Senior Center. One of my favorite rides, and that of many others, is the ride to Anacortes and Bayview.


An old wooden train car in the field on the return trip from Anacortes


A duck rock on that same road of the train car


Along the trail into Anacortes there is a "public art" work where everyone is invited to add something to the collection


A different group (Rainbow Riders) I lead on this ride search around for something to add to the art

These are only a few of the photos and stories I "should" have posted in the past few months. They represent only a sampling of the fun and adventures I have been fortunate to share with family and friends. My next post will be about our four night camping trip with Grands. THEN I will be posting about this current trip we are on.

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