Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cast of Characters

Every Adventure has Characters;


John, the perpetrator of this Fisherman's Paradise adventure

John is a super-fly fishing enthusiast and has passed that on to his family.


Elaine, the perp's wife collaborates with Susan

To be fair, Susan played a rather large role in colluding with John for this adventure. She is more and more becoming a super-fly fishing enthusiast but has not been successful in passing that gene onto her family. She maintains hope with the Grands and so far it is looking like Lucy is the major hope, with Jaydon running close behind.


Wendy and Greg, parents of Brenna and Cayden


Brenna, 6 years old


Cayden, 3 years old

John, Elaine and Susan have maintained their friendship since the college days they shared together. Their children are close friends and the whole gang are more like family and so -- this "family" outing for 2016.


Jaydon (7 years old on 8/29) and Dad Jeremy advertise the latest in bug repellent.


Lucy, 4 years old demonstrates a perfect cast


Kaitlyn, 2 years old (almost) makes sure we don't forget the boat cushions


Sarah -- mom of Jaydon, Lucy and Kaitlyn

In the middle of all the fishing fun, we have a birthday to celebrate. Jaydon will have his 7th birthday on August 29th, but we will not be with him for that day and so, arranged to have a cake made for him while we are here all together. And what a cake it was!


Uli outdid our exprectations with the fish cake and Jaydon loved it.


Mom liked it too

I don't have a good photo of our hosts -- Uli and Francesco. These will have to do until I get better ones ;'-)


Uli, Chef extraordinaire


Francesco. Everything extraordinaire

Our meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) have been delicious and delightful. As I understand it, Uli is the "main" chef, F is her sous chef. As well, F does all things with the fish that anyone catches -- cleans them, debones them, cooks them, smokes them -- depending on one's wishes. He also regales us with a variety of stories during breakfast and dinner. Of course, they each and both do a lot of other things around the camp to maintain it in good repair as well as do upgrades and additions.


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