Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fishing and...

When one is at Fish Camp, one must at least fish ... Or do fishing-like things.

There are lots of lakes to explore, some a short walk away, some a bit further, and a trail leads to them all.


First -- choose your lake and confer with Francesco about the details.

Susan would have liked to do all of these lakes, but fished four of them (three with me as a "helper").


Then get your gear and decide on your flies for the day

Susan ensures that Jeremy will not leave without the right fly or lure.


Then walk a trail to your lake


This log is very moss covered and slippery!


Then choose a boat

Each lake has a different number of boats (see the list above) and if "locked" you must not forget to get the key or -- walk back down that trail to get it.


Then load up everyone into that boat.


Get the boats launched with the correct people in the correct boat


Get any helpers assigned to their tasks

I don't fish, but I row!! I rowed Susan around for two days to fish in three different lakes. My other fishing like thing was to dip the net to bring in the landed fish. We landed five on this day, but one jumped out of the boat -- and that is no fish story!


Enjoy the loons that follow along

Loons end up being a nuisance for fishermen. They hang around the boats and attack the fish that are brought to the boat. You must distract them in some way. If you have other fisher friends in boats near by, your buddy can beat on the side of their boat and the loons will go to them (supposedly). Since we caught no fish this day, we did not run into this problem ;'-)


This one continued to dive and lurk after us


Catch your fish and put them in your "creel"


Proudly carry your catch in your creel (burlap bag) back to your cabin

And so basically ends our adventure at Fisherman's Paradise!! All in all we each had a good time here -- some more than others, but that was expected. We will have another fantastic Uli dinner and some of us may choose one more evening of fishing. We will pack up some tonight for our departure and farewells in the morning. Then ------- that treacherous road back out to the world!

The others will head to their respective homes and Susan and I will do a marathon drive to Wisconsin to continue our "vacation" plans.


  1. A great fishing outing for you all. I enjoyed reading it and the photos are great to look at.

  2. Thanks Meta. We have been having a great time. Will be driving for the next 2-3 days so nothing to blog about. Unless something comes up I won't be blogging for those days.