Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nicolet National Forest and Wolf Ecology

Our days are so full, I am already behind in my blogging!! And when I finally make time even though tired and sleepy at night --- there is little or weak wifi and I am unable to download photos. So I am starting this tonight (Wednesday) about yesterday (Tuesday) and may have to complete it tomorrow (Thursday). Dang!

For our bike ride this day we would load bikes, gear and selves into the trailers and vans.


We will be shuttled to and from the ride start today.


Kathryn (likes Kathleen for (tongue in cheek) suggesting the ice breaker game. Kathryn may just hate ice breakers more than I. And I hate them a lot!


Chris (chickens) is ready to roll.


Dentist Randy (raptors) waits his turn to load up his bike

Our route would take us through scenic Nicolet National Forest. We would weave our way through the magnificent forest land of the Northwoods, stopping to view a couple of lakes and to have our picnic lunch at Sevenmile Lake. Along the way there would be stops for our leader, Kim, to tell us about the trees and other forest growth.

A brief stop to enjoy one of the many lakes of the area -- and spotted a loon!


Lunch spot on the boat ramp


After a full and tiring day of somewhat hilly riding in a beautiful forest all day, we would have our regular dinner hour and then a class about Wolves. Our leader this evening would be Melanie who did a fine job of "handling" this rowdy crowd! Well, not really rowdy, but talkative ;'-). Melanie showed us slides, some short videos and gave us so much information about wolves. Too much to recall actually. But we sure did enjoy the learning.

Melanie teaches us about wolves


Susan having a good time


Getting a feel for the wolf and coyote


Some have more fun than others


The skull of the wolf and the coyote seem identical except for size


The dentist must check the teeth

This will bring us up to date through Tuesday. Wednesday had its own fun and adventure. Stay tuned.


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