Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Canoeing and Stars (Part 1 of 2)

A "rest" day. Well, a rest from being on the bikes. Canoeing was our activity today.

Melissa first gave us instructions on wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). You know -- the things we used to call life preservers or life saver jackets. We cannot call them that because they are not to be thought of as "saving a life". Each of us donned our PFD.


We met at the Canoe Shop


Melissa gave the lesson


Then we all got to practice


Cindy chicken and Kathleen katydid found it amusing


As did Mary Jo mice and Joe jam


Hey Melissa, I think there's something wrong here!



Nancy nene thinks so too but allows a photo


Melissa to the rescue


Does this make me look fat?


Margaret marshmallow tidies up Dan dance

Once everyone was buckled properly, we headed for the canoes for our next lesson.


Canoes arrive at the lake -- one of so many lakes around here that I am not sure which one this is. Maybe Tamarack Lake.


Water?? That must mean fishing!


A lesson by Melissa and Vern on how to properly unload the canoe.


Natural Helper Archie aardvark is one of the first to give a hand at unloading boats.

A word about Archie. Sarah (our daughter) was named a "natural helper" in high school -- so we know all about natural helpers. Archie is one of those. He rides to the back of the group to ensure no one misses the turn, waits at a gravely area to give warning, helps with minor bike maladies that anyone indicates they have, and helps unstick a troublesome zipper on one's pant leg when it happens. The list goes on, and I for one feel thankful that Archie is with us.

Boats get lined up at the ramp -- but first...

...we must get paddle lessons,,,


Melissa and Vern tell us the parts of the paddle and how to hold them. Then demonstrate how to use them whether in the stern or front, and how to turn or reverse.


Then, again, we all get to practice.

It is now time to get in the canoes and paddle.

Laurie loon and Marty marten/meadowlark have paid close attention to getting in lessons...


...and are successfully cast afloat.


Joe and Mary Jo are soon to be pushed off shore.


And look -- first boats are out there


Now we're talkin' -- we are canoeists!


My best photo of the day -- Joe and Mary Jo


In addition to being a natural helper, Archie loves to laugh, and Nancy joins him.


What a group

Paddling through a channel lined with blooming water lilies was a joy. We continued around a small island to another part of the lake before returning to shore. After this calm and peaceful time on the lake, and felling like accomplished paddlers, we were shuttled off to a picnic lunch that had been prepared for us.


But first -- a group photo.

Our lunch stop was at yet another lake (there are over 1300 of them in Vilas county!!).

Cindy having a little fun while lunch is set up


We always work up an appetite


A good spot for lunch on a lake.

Susan didn't catch any fish but she enjoyed trying.

This day will be continued in the next post coming up right away ;'-)

Our natural helper (Archie) sent photos he took of us on the canoe outing.




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