Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fort Collins, Colorado

Rainin', Restin' and Ridin'


Upon our early morning arrival in town, it rained. And it rained, either hard or light, most of the day. What better thing to do on a rainy day but to shop?

Susan has been wanting to take the van in for an oil change. We found the Dodge dealer, dropped off the van and started walking for the two hours it would take for that to get done.



...and an REI ;'-)


A little drive after picking up the van brought us to Sierra Trading Post outlet store, and then Jax outdoor and sporting goods store, and (of course) to a Fly Shop. Then it was time for me to visit the Tea Shop I came across (;'-)) while Susan continued to walk around Old Town.

All of a sudden it was time for dinner. Susan had (as usual) talked with someone in one of our shop haunts and got the recommendation for Beau Jo's Pizza. It was in Old Town and we were already there so -- there we went.


A first for us: We could not imagine putting honey on pizza, but it is actually quite good if not unnecessary calories ;'-).

There was an interesting sink in the restroom.

No bowl



Our fist morning here was the first time in all of our three and a half weeks that we did not have to get up early for anything -- be it an activity or visiting with family and friends. We loved each and all of those times, but this day we would rest! At least rest for the morning, lazing around to read and relax. We enjoyed that until early afternoon.

Last year, when Bette-Ann and I did the tour in New Mexico, we had stopped in Colorado for a little bike ride. That is when I picked up my first goat head thorns of that trip, so I know those creatures exist here. We confirmed that fact with Eric at the bike repair shop, and had our tires filled with Tire Medic -- a goop that prevents flat tires. I had that done in New Mexico (that time it was Tru Goo) and it works. After taking time to do that we did some more easy exploring around town.


Jenny, L and E's surname


Bikes in town


Old Town street


Mews-like alley in Old Town
Mews-like alley in Old Town


Ahhhh -- finally. Today would be a riding day with some fishing stops (Susan picked up a fishing license at that Fly Shop) along the way.

There are several paved trails nearby and we would find at least one today. We are staying at our friend Lucie's and one of the trails begins just a couple of blocks from here. Lucie lives part time in Lake Stevens,WA, and part time here. She has generously offered her home here in Fort Collins for us to use while she remains in Lake Stevens until winter is in the air. She comes here for all the winter activities she enjoys. We are simply two lucky gals. Thanks is not enough Lucie -- but thanks ;'-).

The Poudre (say Pooder) Trail follows along the Poudre River for a lovely bike day.

No sooner were we on the trail, my back was turned and Susan of course found this...


We came upon an interesting "Brooklyn Bridge" site, and lo! Susan pulled out her fishing gear.


Bridge was aslurry flume that brought sugar beet residue over the river to the field behind where I was standing. They named it the "Brooklyn Bridge".




There's fish -- right there.

Moving along the trail, Susan would get another opportunity to use her fishing license. There were not many cyclists on the trail today. We had our lunch on a bench by the river as some large ploppy rain drops fell upon us. We quickly finished eating and ran toward the sunnier sky. Soon we were out from under the cloud and no more rain. This is, again, an anomaly for us -- a "passing cloud". The rain at home does not seem to come from "a" cloud. It comes down from a totally dark and cloudy sky. And it is not "passing".


Split rail lines some of the trail



Several bridges to cross, and Susan looks over every one for those fish sightings.



Getting her line wet once more today


Nice bench along the way.


At the end of the trail we ventured onto surface streets for a bit before rejoining the trail in a couple of miles. Here we stopped in the small town of...


LaPorte again

Well, there was fur trading along this trail and the French had many traders in the business.

This plaque tells of the fur trader that built this building in 1858. Still standing.


There was anohter site of a stage coach stop that burned down in 1920. So this was a busy trail.

Off the trail in town, we found a different route back home that took us through some quiet neighborhoods as well as some light traffic streets in town. I ended up with a headache -- which reminded me that we are at 5000 elevation.

No WiFi at Lucie's and no nearby access limits my blogging to every couple of days. So if no posts in a day or two -- stay tuned for something later. ;'-)


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