Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, September 12, 2016

Leawood Kansas

These cousins -- Jeffy and husband Mende -- do not live on a lake, they live directly on a golf course in a beautiful home.


Jeffy and Mende's house

They welcomed us warmly and we enjoyed dinner with them and one of their daughters, Anna. After the barbecued brisket dinner, prepared by Jeffy, we had a relaxed evening. The next morning would be an early one for our hosts. There was a Kansas City Chiefs football game to attend, and these folks are HUGE fans. Susan and I would be on our own for that day to explore the area, do laundry, watch some of the game on tv and -- in some cases -- nap!


By GPS, we found some nice trails to explore


Almost hidden behind a tree, but my eye caught him for a photo

The quiet neighborhood roads led us to more trails and lakes, ponds and marshes.




Along the Wilderness Trail


An inactive silo in the middle of a town. Shows that this town and development were once farmland


The biggest weeping willow tree I think I have ever seen.

Jeffy and Mende returned home from the game in great surprise and relief that their Chiefs, who had been behind in the game until the last minute, had a huge comeback to win their opening game against San Diego!

The Seahawks had their opening game as well, but we couldn't get that one on the home tv. Mende invited to take us to a sports bar in town to watch the second half. As with the Chiefs, the Seahawks had a comeback of their own with 30 seconds left to play -- and won their opener against Miami.

So we we were each and all happy football fans.

We say good bye with promises to keep in touch, and hopes to see each other again.


Jeffy and Mende fix us breakfast and we prepare to depart.


We say farewell to sweet Walter as well.



  1. What a beautiful home. Outstanding.
    Great photos and wonderful quiet area to bike or walk.

  2. Yes, you never know what you will find in an unknown town. This was treat of a ride even if short! And a beautiful home!
    Thanks Meta